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Module 4 Summary and Video

When you reach Level 4, you are motivated. You’ve done very well. You aren’t stuck anymore.

The following video gives you guidelines for how to continue your path towards complete liberation from tinnitus.

Level 4: Motivated

  • Module: Putting Your Motivation To Work
  • Tinnitus is like a: Teacher. (more…)

Song For Members (Time Flies by Dainis W. Michel)


I’m experiencing a lot of changes in my life right now, and I want you to have this song. I wrote and recorded it with friends around 1996 in Champaign Illinois.

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Time Flies

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Dainis W. Michel, Calvin Banks, Jimmy Sloan, Mark Rubel, Chad Dunn

Cure Tinnitus Show #19

I wonder if you have any thoughts about my latest T variations…

I’ve had tinnitus in my left ear since its hearing was impaired by an operation – initially it was horrendous. I’ve always been sensitive to noise in any case, and I’m also a musician of sorts. Lately I’ve been managing it better – ie I’ve had more “better” days (although when it returns after a good spell I notice it more, even if it is relatively quiet); however, in the last few years I’ve been hearing ticking noises in my right ear, and in the last couple of years these noises have become more frequent. They sound as if something physical is happening; I am often annoyed by crackling noises which are not dissimilar in my left ear – sometimes, more annoyingly, when the T is relatively Ok in that ear.

I had thought that these ticking noises – sometimes singular, sometimes in a cluster, sometimes quite quiet, sometimes louder – could be objective tinnitus, but an ENT specialist is sure this is not the case. These noises have been getting to me lately, and no doubt the anxiety has not helped the T in the other ear. A less rational part of me sees/hers them as “out to get me”, the last straw etc etc. My more rational self sees a lot in Dr Sarno’s “divided mind” thesis that chronic pain and other syndromes, including tinnitus, are psychosomatic – ie an attempt by a part of the brain to divert one’s attention from unconscious rage, sadness etc. If one accepts this diagnosis the symptoms often disappear – difficult, of course, as T can give rise to a load of irrational thoughts.

I could go on, but I would be very interested to know what you think of my ticking ear.



PS EFT would seem to offer real possibilities in tinnitus management at the very least. Also, mindfulness meditation etc.

…I do have something to share…

As your mind grapples with tinnitus, you can consider resting in your body…or creating an environment in which you can do so…and that might only be at a therapist’s office.

I’ve experienced total tinnitus silence during a Cranio-sacral session. Since then, I’ve moved back into a whisper of chronic tinnitus that does not bother my work, but still…I’ll be applying all of the components of the program soon…hmm…can we help hold each other accountable?

I’m going to send a message to everyone about that…what an idea…what do you think?

Another thing is, clicking or screeching, howling or motorcycle noise-ing…my experience is that people experience relief in direct proportion to how thoroughly they apply these four Program elements:

1. Build a network of support (relaxing, helpful, funny)
2. Get appropriate and relaxing body work (massage, cranio sacral, etc., find what suits you)
3. Get appropriate and relaxing counseling (psychotherapy, counseling, etc., find what suits you)
4. Do your personal relief stuff, get the rest you need, go on those walks, take time out for yourself, yes, do some stuff for yourself.

Do process that rage stuff…and we’ll cover this more during the show…and please remember, I’m just the coordinator and founder around here…Julian is the therapist and teacher…so I’m a fellow student doing the best I can…

…hey, and do tell me how I’m doing 🙂


Recorded April 30, 2010.

Complete Archived Show Available Below For Logged In Members Below… (more…)

Module 3 Summary and Video Module: Accepting Your Role In Tinnitus

Level 3 Resigned

  • Tinnitus is like a: Doctor. Starts to accept T begrudgingly and listen to the advice it is trying to give you
  • Effect on life: Accepts that changes are needed for T to back off. Accepts support and help.
  • Feelings: Resignation, acceptance, sadness, begrudging
  • Mindset: Sometimes can focus away from T. I’m responsible, so how do I get out of this?
  • Awareness: Realises that body and mind need attention and sorting out
  • Challenge: To let T show you what makes you feel better. To learn from T rather than fight it.


Interview with Jennifer Battaglino (LCSW, CHT) Tinnitus Therapist

Recorded May 19, 2010.

Interview History Below…

A member nominated Jennifer Battaglino as an expert to be interviewed, and we are thrilled she’s agreed. Here’s what’s happened so far:


Well I got a lot of mail contact with Jennifer Battaglino. She is my candidate. Her work is based on the ideas from Kevin Hogan. She has some great results, and she specializes in tinnitus. When you buy the Tinnitus Reduction program from Hogan, you first can do a teleconsult with her. That’s the step Kevin Hogan reccomends…A lot of experience she has.

For more info, visit

> Dear Jennifer Battaglino,
> Having found: You CAN Fly…With Tinnitus, No Magic Pill for Tinnitus,
> Tinnitus and Intimacy, SPADE and Tinnitus, Physical Causes of Tinnitus, and
> Emotional Causes of Tinnitus listed as blog articles on your website; along
> with the recommendation I received from one of my members
> below; I feel confident that your work is synergistic with the work I am
> doing at
> I’ve interviewed Kevin Hogan, Paul Tobey, David Meyerson, Dr. Hans Greuel,
> and others regarding tinnitus, I host regular Cure Tinnitus Shows with our
> resident expert Julian Cowan Hill, and I would very much like to invite you
> to an interview to talk about tinnitus and the path of healing for people
> with tinnitus.
> Looking forward to hearing from you,
> Sincerely,
> Dainis W. Michel
> Founder

> Dear Dainis,
> Thank you for your email and I am would be happy to do an interview with
> you. I had the chance to view your website and your mission statement which
> I agree with. We need a multi-modal approach if we are to cure tinnitus.
> It’s interesting that we are finding one another now as Kevin and I just
> updated our Tinnitus book to encompass all the various approaches and I get
> into attacking tinnitus from all angles.
> I will be out of town for the next week but I will have access to email on
> a regular basis. Just let me know what the next step is and what you
> propose to do.
> My Best
> Jennifer

Member Questions
— Is it gonna be a movie like a regular tinnitus-show?
Yes, most likely, if she agrees
— Is she the only one to be interviewed?
For this interview, yes, however in the member area we have Kevin Hogan, Paul Tobey, Dr. Greuel, and coming up, we’ll have Paul Carrington, and I think there are some others, but it’s not coming to me right now…
— Can members send in their questions?
Yes, and that will be very interesting
— Is there a chance that you’ll look for collaboration, uhh, how do I say, maybe more expertise involved?
Yes, that’s a part of the mission of, not learning from 1 person who healed himself (Julian), but learning from many people who have healed themselves, including members who wind up willing to share (odd, tinnitus is, people feel ashamed, scared, etc.)
— The more knowledge integrated the more people are aware of it’s healingproces:-)
I agree…
— When will it take place?
I’ve suggested some times within the next few weeks

Member Video

Interview with Paul Carrington of Banish Tinnitus Scheduled — eBook Review

Dear visitors, members, and subscribers. I’ve booked an interview with the author of the eBook Banish Tinnitus: Silence The Ringing In 3 Easy Steps.

If you have any questions for Paul, please post them as comments here.

I’m looking forward to a great interview.

Cure Tinnitus Show #18

Cure Tinnitus Show #18 March 31, 2010

If you like, record your question by leaving me a message at 317-317-713-(****)

How to contact us...
…ahh that phone number has been archived, please use our chat function or our contact page to get in touch 🙂

…then we can play your question on the show…

My question for the tinnitus live show no.18 is: In the e-book Julian says that exercise is really important. But in one of his tinnitus shows (I don’t remember which one) he said that sex and exercise make tinnitus worse. From my knowledge adrenaline is secreted during exercise but absorbed quicker as well. Could Julian ellaborate on that because it’s a crucial point.

Member Question

Dear Julian, I woke up one morning jumped out of bed quickly and the tinnitus started. My husband was away for 10 days the only time in the 40 years of marriage I was on my own. By the time he came home I was very anxious as my brother has suffered from tinnitus for 5 years and his was very bad and was suicidal for 2 years and I thought this was going to be me.

We were going to Thailand for our daughters wedding and all I wanted was to be free of this noise in my ears. By the time we left I was depressed and the doctor put me on anti depressants and unfortunately they reacted badly and while I was away I suffered badly from panic attacks, my ears were highly sensitive and I was a mess. With flights, elevators and just the stress of travel as we were aways for a month by the time I arrived home I felt I had a breakdown. I could not go back to work, I didn’t like being alone and I as desperate to be normal. My doctor changed my medication and it has help me. I believe the tinnitus was due to stress and grief that had occurred in my life the eight months before.

My husband and I have had lots of tragedy in our lives the worse losing a daughter at the age of 16 to a (more…)