Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse

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  1. John N.

    Hi Dainis — I got through two of the eight steps of the Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse, but I seem to be shut out of the rest. I really like what I see in this site–Julian Cowan Hill has been my savior! But things seem glitchy. 🙂
    –John N.

  2. dainis

    Hi John,

    Would that mean that you’ve completed the top two items in the course list?

    1. Welcome To Your Complimentary 7-Day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse
    2. eCourse: Our Tinnitus Stories…

    …i am going to reset your password, log in as you, and see if i can replicate the issue & fix it 🙂

  3. dainis

    ok, i resolved the issue. here is a video giving you an update as to what the issue was and what i did to fix it.

    i had to log in as you, so i generated a random password and used it to log in as you. to continue using the site, please click “Lost your password?” to have the website take you through the password reset process.