If You’ve Recently Acquired Tinnitus…

We recommend you take this complimentary eCourse, if you have recently acquired tinnitus and are interested in learning what steps to take to increase your chances of healing from tinnitus as quickly as possible.

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We recommend you watch the video below, if you have recently acquired tinnitus and are interested in learning what steps to take to increase your chances of healing from tinnitus as quickly as possible.

You will be able to view half of our introduction, and then you will be asked to input your email address to watch the rest of the complimentary video.

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For your convenience, the video has a download option, so that you can watch later on your device even while offline. 

Benefits others are receiving:

“I had major breakthroughs for all listening to you and Julian talk. Thanks so much for all your work.” –R

“Delighted, appreciate it beyond words…” –L

“…The conference calls are great as we can help each other” –R

…with the help of this site, I am learning to deal with (edited) and my -T- is becoming less and less noticeable. –B

I just want to add that you are truly an inspiration and I hope that more people find your website. I find your videos to be enlightening, and it really gives me hope, and I’m sure others too. God bless, –J

It is not coincidence that I saw your e-mail this am, right at the time I realized my tinnitus was gone. –E


  1. roberto lara

    hi i saw your website and i love it, i have this noise for like a month and i really don’t now how to start to treat it, please help me, how can i order your book?

    1. dainis Post author


      This eCourse gets you started right away:

      Our Guided Support Package is our most comprehensive resourse (with personal attention included). Half off through March 14th.
      Check out the top portion of this page: https://curetinnitus.wpmudev.h...ime-offer/

      The eBook can be purchased separately here:

      …and our least expensive “get to know each other better” special offer allows you to gain access to our resources first, for only one cent, and then $17/month, if you like it. Julian’s downloadable PDF eBook is not included, and this is a “self-paced” program, not a “guided support” program. Check out the bottom part of this page:

  2. Margeaux Pearson

    Since I have had trouble in the past
    downloading something I purchased online,
    I believe the only sure way I will be able to download your ebook is to send it
    to me in an email attachment. I noticed
    that someone else mailed in a similar
    problem about downloading your ebook.

    1. dainis Post author

      I understand that downloads and online purchases can be confusing. Add to that that we are currently experiencing a bit of a technical situation and upgrade due to a recent hack attack, yes, the eBook downloads are sent via email attachment, and the download page has been password protected. Since the upgrade and hack protection are almost complete, our order system should be functioning properly again very soon. However, for now, if you order from https://curetinnitus.wpmudev.h...owan-hill/ then I will send the eBook as an email attachment to you once I’ve received the order.

      Also, you mentioned a printed copy. I still need to check with Julian about this, but what I think makes sense is that if you want to have a printed copy, then we can use a local print shop (any print shop near you), and you can send us the email of the print shop, and we can have the printed book waiting for you there. For members, I think it makes sense to have that service be free of charge, and for non-members, there would be a $10 processing charge. The recipient would take over printing costs, so I’d recommend having it printed in B/W with a simple binding. At 100 pages, I’m assuming it would cost somewhere around $10 or less to pick it up printed.

      One thing that has happened is that there is a book called Banish Tinnitus, and a good number of people have posted here thinking that we provide that book and that we support that book. We reviewed it and have invited the author to an interview, but we do not sell the book or do any technical, content or sales support for that eBook.

      Also, in your email, you mentioned calling. I can be reached at my 24/7 voicemail at +1 317 *** ****, via email or the contact form or reply here…and you can leave your time zone and preferred contact method with me and I’ll get back to you.

      The book is very centering and healing, and I am honored to be the only website online authorized to sell it for Julian (beyond his own site), and our version is reformatted for easy reading online and in printed form.