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This site will help you understand what tinnitus is, whether it’s curable or not, and what you can do right now to start feeling better…

From: Dainis
W. Michel

If you are suffering, I understand, I was there too…

Doctors, audiologists, and other practitioners saying: “tinnitus is
incurable, there’s nothing you can do, you just
have to learn to live with it” is just not good enough for you, just
like it
wasn’t enough for me.

At the same time, claims like “3 easy steps to eliminate your
tinnitus in less than 2 months” sound too good to be true (and for the most part, are). And instead of long-term therapies designed to teach you how to live with it, wouldn’t you love to learn how to manage, reduce and eliminate your tinnitus as soon as possible?

That’s how I felt, and “learning to live with it” simply was not an option for me. You see, I am a composer and choral conductor, and I used to have howling tinnitus. In fact, when I came down with it, I was living in misery and on the verge of suicide. But instead of ending my life or staying stuck in
misery, I flew around the world and learned to resolve my tinnitus issue.

Tens of thousands of dollars and miles later, I partnered with a leading expert in tinnitus, and together we created a step by step, doable, proven coaching program to help you manage, reduce, and possibly eliminate your tinnitus.

…you can wind up feeling really
I know you want to be rid of your tinnitus as
easily as possible. I’ve heard from more than a few people that
they would cut off a limb to be rid of tinnitus. I had similar
thoughts. But with so much conflicting information out there and many
doctors just throwing up their arms and unable to help, you can wind up
feeling really really alone. Left completely alone.

You may feel you’ve been abandoned by the medical community, scammed by
writers, deflated by the infectous grief of fellow tinnitus sufferers,
and all you want to do is heal, to get better…

how can you heal? I am in a unique position to help you…right
now…starting today.

because it got too expensive for me to keep flying around the world
meeting various practitioners, I started interviewing them via
telephone and online. I decided it makes sense to
learn from people who’d already healed themselves of tinnitus, so I
met as many people who had done that as I could.

my travels and especially when I started doing online interviews, I met
some amazing therapists and people. Tinnitus tends to strengthen
character, and people who’ve come out on the other side are really
AMAZING. Every single one made a choice. Every single one went on an
individual journey of empowerment and relief. We now call that journey
“liberation from tinnitus.”

Here’s our video on the incurability of tinnitus debate:

Is Tinnitus Curable?

Dainis W. Michel of interviews Kevin Hogan, Julian Cowan Hill, Paul Tobey and Dr. Hans Greuel about the curability of tinnitus.

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Go from tinnitus to liberation.

Basically, this letter presents you with a choice to start on
path to liberation from tinnitus and wind up grateful you had it…or
remain stuck where you are. Now I
want you to be
just as amazing as these
incredible people, who’ve healed themselves of one of the toughest
conditions to “cure” out there. Tinnitus is so tough to lick, in fact,
that many uninformed
people will insist that tinnitus is incurable…it can get really
really ugly…I know.

It’s really unfortunate that there are therapists and medical practitioners who actually believe that tinnitus is incurable, and they only try to help you if you accept that “fact.” But, you can’t
argue with reason, and I want to take that head on: if there is just one person in the world who’s cured tinnitus, then it’s not
incurable…that’s just sound logic. And guess what? Little did I know, there ARE people out there who’ve healed themselves. They were tough to dig up, and many don’t want the attention, and there is nothing
more in the world that would bring me more joy than to add you
(anonymous, or otherwise) to the list of success stories here at

“We give people with tinnitus

power to
heal themselves by learning

from people who have done it


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