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Here is your assignment for Module 1:

Download and read Julian Cowan Hill’s eBook “From Tyrant to Friend: How to let go of Ringing in Your Ears”…-hill-now/

Regarding tinnitus, there’s habituation, reduction, and elimination.

Begin formulating a personal plan that makes reducing your tinnitus inevitable. Assess your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Are there any other levels that you participate in? How about relationships, finances, career, self-satisfaction, etc.?

Make sure you build a positive, supportive network of friends and practitioners that will help you get out of fight or flight. Create and learn strategies to deal with the negative people, circumstances, thoughts, etc. in your life. Get help.

Cruise through your Module 1 Guide here:…e-1-guide/

…and you can share your tinnitus story here:…tory-here/

Remember, we are here to help and we wish you the very best on your road to liberation from tinnitus.


Dainis, Julian, and the whole Team!

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