Conscious Commerce

The Community is a group of people dedicated to
healing themselves of tinnitus. Members are primarily people with
tinnitus, yet supporters and partners of people with tinnitus can also
gain benefit from joining. This is not a site that guarantees a cure,
it is a site that gathers people interested in curing themselves. They
may do it, and they may not. We are here to support their journey.

Graphical Business Model

You can access a graphical version of the Business Model in PDF format here. You will need Adobe PDF Reader to view the document.


  • One of the most effective ways to begin curing tinnitus is
    to make a list of all the conditions, diseases, and even all of the
    problems the person with tinnitus has.
  • These conditions can be taken care of one by one, or in
    groups, in a manner that seems most appropriate to the person with
  • Kindness
  • Curative and inexpensive healing modalities are better than
    expensive healing modalities that mask symptoms.
  • Curing in a community can be easier than curing alone
  • Fairness
  • We’re in this together
  • Members take 100% responsibility for their health and
  • No one is excluded for financial reasons
  • Size of donation does not increase member status.
  • …more added in cooperation with our content providers

Financial Matters is a membership website set up as an experiment in
“conscious commerce.” The experiment is currently limited to 1,000

Follow-up Offers/Member Store: Individually determined donation sharing

Comprehensive Packages: 10.132% to and 89.868% to
Content Providers

Advantages like: marketing, status, conscious earnings, testimonials,
gratitude, advertising, direct donations, market research, etc.

All payments made are donations.

Initial Donation (Suggested $47)

The Initial Donation covers the cost of the Initial Package, which is
provided immediately upon joining. $0-100: 31.831% to,
and 68.169% to Content Providers. Beyond $100 to

Ongoing Donations

Monthly or yearly ongoing donations: 68.169% to, and
31.831% to Ongoing Content Providers

Site Donation


Partner Donations

Evenly distributed partner donation

Partner Amount = 89.868%(Donation)/(# of partners) retains 10.132%

Specific Partner Donation

Partner Amount = 89.868%(Donation) retains 10.132%

Why Give the Potential for Free Access?

  • No one will be turned away due to lack of financial resources. Period.
  • Free members will receive support and encouragement to heal their financial dilemma.

This is a non-negotiable aspect of There is no visual
distinction between Free Members and Donating Members. Free Members go
through a “Free Member Agreement,” in which they are invited to become
Significant Contributers to the Cure Tinnitus Community.

Content and Monetization Type Options

Content Providers can take part in the following 6 Content and
Monetization Types.

  1. Initial Offer (Initial Package): Provide the Content as a
    part of the Initial Package and receive your fair share of the Initial
    Donation for it.
  2. Follow-up Offer (Follow Up Package): Provide Content as a
    part of a more expensive follow-up offer, set up a minimum donation.
    Donation distribution is handled on a case-by-case basis with the
    Content Provider.
  3. Internal Core Content: Provide Content as a part of the
    Internal Core Content. An example of Internal Core Content might be
    tinnitus-related information that you already provide publicly on your
    website. The Initial Source of the content is acknowledged (advertising
    for you), yet it can be commented on by Core content
    is generally informational in nature, and if members like your content,
    they will be more likely to donate directly to you.
  4. Ongoing Content: Provide weekly or monthly information such
    as: Weekly Interviews, Monthly WebShows, Weekly Webinars, Community
    Assistance, Ongoing Professional Medical Advice, How-to videos (ear
    candling, exercises, etc.), Ask the Expert Video Answers, etc.
  5. Member Store Products: Provide the Content in our Member
    Store, where the Content is offered at a discounted price (the amount
    you make per Product after affiliate fees). is a
    membership site and subsists off of the donated membership dues,
    therefore, for Members, waives all affiliate income
    and that savings is passed along to Members
  6. Comprehensive Packages: Provide Personal Coaching, week or
    more long visits to clinics, or other services to Members (and
    non-members) and market those items to our member community. These can
    be several thousand dollars, and usually receives an
    affiliate fee for these products. Payment processing and fees are
    determined on a case-by-case basis.

Content Formats

  •  eBooks
  •  Audios
  •  Videos
  •  Reports
  •  Podcasts
  •  etc.

Desired Content from an Informational Standpoint

  • Health info that will put members on the right track
  • Ongoing addition of videos and interviews related to
    supporting members in curing their tinnitus
  • Ask the expert area where members can access top healing
    practitioners and tinnitus specialists
  • In depth tinnitus information for knowledge seekers
  • Interviews with Health Professionals
  • Compasssionate support from a kind community of people with
  • Dealing with the emotional side of tinnitus
  • Discounts on Tinnitus-related eProducts (affiliate fees
  • Discounts on Coaching Packages provided by Health
  • etc.

Healing Practitioners and Experts

Healing Practitioners, Experts, Associations, Organizations, Clinics,
etc., are encouraged to provide Content. Experts can also provide their
knowledge and market their services through an “Ask the Expert” Area in
the Member Community. Experts receive a steady flow of Community
Questions and are expected to respond to either one per week or one per
month, depending on our Collaborator Contract.

Getting a Portion of the Initial Donation

To get a portion of the Initial Donation, Content Providers need to
provide Packaged Content that is delivered to the New Member
immediately. This content is provided in a “Yours to Keep” manner, even
if the New Member is a Free Member.

The Initial Donation will be apportioned in accordance with the number
of authors that participate and the extent of the content they provide.
Please submit your proposed content for review.

Getting Residual Income

Residual income is possible, provided the author, expert, or healing
practitioner provide ongoing value (Ongoing Content) to the Community.

Residual income is distributed according to our Donation Distribution

Donation Distribution Policy

Where there are multiple Content Providers and a single donation to be
distributed among those content providers, shall
determine the fair distribution of the donation in accordance with
various factors including: quantity, quality, and length of time of
partnership. For example, a Doctor A comes and gives monthly feedback
via video to our members. A year later, Doctor B joins and does the
same thing. Doctor B, with one video, will receive a lower percentage
of the Ongoing Donation than Doctor. A.

The Donation Distribution is solely determined by
Suggestions are welcome, and distribution will be worked out as fairly
and kindly as possible.


  • Affiliate Advertising: Outside of our member area, some
    products may be advertised on our blog or informational site. From
    outside the member area, is just a normal affiliate of
    yours, retaining your normal affiliate fee.
  • Internal Advertising: Internal Advertising is driven by the
    Content Types mentioned above.

Getting Your Product into Our Member Store

To include your product(s) into our members store, there are three

  1. You are a Content Contributor
  2. Members pay less than the price advertised elsewhere on the
  3. waives all affiliate fees

Experiment Results

The result of this experiment may be:

  1. Partners make more from this pool of 1,000 people, than
    they would
    have had they charged up front
  2. Partners make less from this pool of 1,000 people, than
    they would
    have had they charged up front
  3. Partners make about the same amount as they would charging
    up front,
    yet they will have serviced all income classes.

Nature of the Collaborator Contract

The Collaborator Contract, in essence, is an “at-will”

  • either party can exit the contract at any time
  • provisions are agreed upon to ensure fairness

Getting Involved

If you are interested in participating, simply describe the Content you
are interested in contributing, along with which Content Format and
Monetization Types you are most interested in (Initial Offer, Follow-up
Offer, etc., from “Content and Monetization Type Options” above), and
you will then receive a Collaborator Contract in which we handle all of
the details of our business arrangement.

This page is only available to members.