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  1. Warren Davidson

    I feel betrayed. I didn’t willingly subscribe to a monthly payment. When I discovered it, I had been charged for several months. Please unsubscribe me from all communication from your site.



    1. dainis

      Oh my Warren, that’s awful. It’s easy to be in such a “state” with tinnitus, that you don’t even notice the words on the screen! PayPal makes it very very clear, because the payment terms are right there in front of you whenever you make a payment. Still, if you haven’t checked out the info on our site, it is temporarily public due to a technical glitch. I recommend watching a few Cure Tinnitus Shows here: we just had one today and it should be live tomorrow. has a nice exercise at the end for helping get to sleep if the T is bothering you.

      Here is an online outline of our core methods:

      I’m sorry you feel betrayed, that’s awful. It can happen, even if the terms are right there in front of you. Please be in touch and let me know how you wish to resolve this matter.