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CureTinnitus.org is a membership platform for people who choose to make healing from tinnitus their goal.

We offer a complimentary Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse and you can register for the course by clicking HERE.

You can also choose from our standard Self-Paced or Guided-Support CureTinnitus.org Programs. Descriptions and pricing are available here: https://curetinnitus.org/join-...nitus-org/

While sometimes criticized for even asking for any money at all, we at CureTinnitus.org would like to make it clear that

a) The CureTinnitus.org Program Guidelines are publicly and freely available here: https://curetinnitus.org/getti...its-5-now/ We challenge anyone with tinnitus to apply those guidelines to their lives and NOT get better. You may not be “immediately magically cured,” but you will likely feel better, progressively. We are confident that The CureTinnitus.org Program Guidelines are a solid, effective path towards tinnitus relief and well being.

b) You can gain full access to our website for a donation amount of your choosing starting at as little as $1/month (and the maintenance of the site and its 27GB of video content is quite cost, time, and labor intensive). It is an almost painful aspect of human nature, that apparently, CureTinnitus.org would likely “do better” if all of it’s info were locked down starting at $1997 for access. The trend, since 2004, for members has been that those who either donate or pay, tend to get better faster and take their healing more seriously — and also — tend to be kind and polite. People who come in for free can be VERY angry and very rude and very destructive to the site itself and to its members. We feel asking for a financial return not only on the benefit you gain, but in support of our cause — to be fair and justified.

c) Paid memberships are available from the table below.

d) Donations of any amount are welcomed.

e) Without the current procedures, CureTinnitus.org gets overrun by spam and becomes unmanageable.

We will not restrict your access to information. We care deeply about your well being. Your financial participation in your health really does look to increase your success at getting better — and we’ve made our information available to you — at an amount of YOUR CHOICE.

If you feel helped by CureTinnitus.org, and your donation amounts are low, we trust that you will come back when you are feeling better and donate to us to help us help others.

Item Self-Paced Program Guided-Support Coaching
Member Benefits
RAT -- Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival Guide eCourse. Immediate, direct, results-oriented. Definitely relevant for those with chronic tinnitus. ($150 Value) Checkbox Checkbox
From Tinnitus to Liberation 7-month eCourse. ($350 Value) Checkbox


eBook: Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend. How to let go of Ringing in Your Ears by Julian Cowan Hill. (Value: 17.50 GBP = approx. $33) Checkbox Checkbox
Cure Tinnitus Show Participation and Access to Archives ($306+ Value) Checkbox Checkbox
Fight or Flight Self-Assessment Questionnaire ($17 Value) Checkbox Checkbox
Video Guidance Including: FAQ's - a deep and continuously growing archive of common and useful topics, tinnitus reduction exercises, ongoing interviews of experts and people who have healed themselves...even some light-hearted comedy to help us through... ($226.97 Value) Checkbox Checkbox
24/7 Question line via voice message or email ($37/mo Value) Checkbox Checkbox
Course updates, improvements, added worksheets, private videos, etc. Checkbox Checkbox
Custom video responses to your questions (Value: $97 each) - Checkbox
Priority, ongoing email support (Value: $57/month) - Checkbox
Priority Cure Tinnitus Show responses (Value: $37/month) - Checkbox
Personalized Therapy Planning (Value: $197) - Checkbox
Special Gifts
Let go of your tinnitus and get free access for life, have a tree planted in your honor, and receive our tinnitus liberation award Checkbox Checkbox
Inevitability Map Template (Barrier Buster Map) (Inevitability Mindset Manifestation Map) (Value: $17) Checkbox Checkbox
Road To Optimal Health Template ($17 Value) Checkbox Checkbox
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60-day Money-back Guarantee and Cancel Anytime We're here to help, and we ONLY accept financial compensation from satisfied members. You have a full 60 days to try our resources, and you can cancel your membership at any time.
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Please understand that even though you may be in crisis, so are a lot of people with tinnitus. It does not make your pain any less, but your pain does not entitle you to post inflammatory, angry, or abusive remarks at CureTinnitus.org. Because of the nature of tinnitus, we simply must take the steps mentioned, both financial and with registration — to keep CureTinnitus.org a wholesome, safe, loving place where people can find support, help, and guidance while they improve their well being and thereby reduce tinnitus.

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