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We’ve had lots of great questions from members, so I thought I’d make a public post to field questions from the world at large.

Ask us whatever you like below.

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  1. dainis Post author

    Just got this message in my email box.

    Hi Dainis

    For a .org organisation I feel it is terrible to be making money out of such a debilitating condition that I now find I have.

    If you are truly a .org organisation you should be offering your info for free.

    Any responsible internet service also offers the ability to unsubscribe.

    My reply:
    There is a free opt-in newsletter and you also were registered as a part of the complimentary course. Sometimes people want one and not the other, sometimes people want both, and sometimes people want neither. So, you subscribe and unsubscribe to each separately and both function in accordance with ethics and the law.

    I fully and deeply understand your concern about money. I ran a free tinnitus website for abour 4 years, and once things got to be more than 2hrs per day, I just had to drop it. Then, because I know I have the healing information that helps people

    1. Jackie

      Feeling confident about charging for your services is all about self worth & boundary setting. People who don’t charge correctly often don’t believe they are good enough to charge & without an exchange of energy the boundaries are not clear and lead to advantage taking.

      I for one, am very glad to have a guide on board who really values his ability to offer a fantastic service. If Dainis offered his services for free he would have to waste a lot of time and energy getting sponsors etc. and probably wouldn’t be so proactive either! This is a fantastic site. Looking forward to exploring it. Jackie

  2. Tim

    I have a question, probably a dumb question.

    I have had a never ending ringing in my ears for at least 8-10 years.At times, well the worst times the ringing doesn’t remain it’s usual constant tone but seems to fluctuate, like someone is flicking a switch and the ringing becomes so intense that I can feel my ear vibrating and then the switch is flipped again and it returns to it’s normal tone.
    In any case, the dumb question.Can anyone tell me after having this ringing for so many years, what it is like for it to suddenly vanish, did/do you feel normal?

    1. dainis Post author

      @Tim, in general, the story is of tears and a great feeling of relief. Your story sounds common and we’ve covered similar experiences in our Cure Tinnitus Shows.

  3. Dainis

    Got this in today:

    The aspect of mind/body connect/disconnect resonated. I also `living in the head`.

    I do have some questions regarding tinnitus and beverages which may have been touched on in earlier sessions. I have read one or two articles from Julian mentioning avoiding tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.. I do not drink coffee but drink herbal (caffeine free) tea, is that alright ?. I also drink alcohol (dark rum and coke or red wine). I used to mix my rum with diet coke, but read all the horror stories about diet coke including tinnitus. The alcohol does not seem to affect my tinnitus when shared with friends and family (i.e. relaxing environment), I wake up feeling more relaxed after. It also does not seem to affect the tinnitus when I drink after a good walk/yoga/exercise. I wake up more relaxed. But if I drink when feeling a bit stressed, I notice the effect on tinnitus. Has this been raised/discussed before ?

    Thanks for all your efforts and time. It is re-energising

  4. Dainis

    We covered the “substances” issue on one or more of the past Cure Tinnitus Show. It’s interesting, in a sense, a substance can almost be seen as an “event.” If concerts trigger your T, then you may want to avoid concerts for a while, but especially if you like concerts, then a life completely without them seems dismal. So, temporary avoidance and then a re-orientation that allows you to approach the “event” or “substance” from a peaceful place can really help. When people have “allergies,” usually, they want to be able to expose themselves to what they are “allergic” to, at least eventually. I personally cut out caffeine for a while, and now I’ve learned about the “nature” of caffeine. For example, “cooked” caffeine is really quite the addictive drug, however, I’ve at least heard that the caffeine in raw chocolate is quite good for you and that the body can make good use of it. So, hey, I tried raw chocolate and I like it. It also makes my teeth feel good, which is interesting.

    I really enjoy a good organic beer. Also, Austria is a hidden enclave for really good, really cheap wines. I get the feeling that the wineries are so self-conscious here…they don’t really feel “valuable,” or I don’t know, they are just doing fine without selling their wines at high prices, they are happy with the car they have, the restaurant they own, and the schools for their kids…so why charge more? Anyway, there are wines under $10 per bottle here that will knock your socks off…especially the reds when well aerated (if that’s the right spelling).

    Who would want to deprive themselves of the experience of tasting a lovingly created organic wine? While some of the folks are self-conscious and devalue themselves (at least from my perspective), other wine producers just seem to be really happy friendly people who don’t sell that much wine and are just doing fine for themselves. These are really happy people, and drinking their wines just makes me feel happy too. You can taste how happy they were when their daughter got her college degree, you can taste the good earth that they care for with their hearts and souls…so sheesh…who would not want to taste that? Their happy dog barking along while picking ripe grapes? Come on…I certainly enjoy that experience.

    I like it very much that you mention your state of being. “…if I drink when feeling a bit stressed…”

    Basically, it seems that you taking into consideration the core practices advocated by

    Hmm…I am not a fan of sodas at all…however a good rum. Wow. 🙂

    Again, I like it very much that you are considering your state of being. When I X, I wake up more relaxed. When I Y, I wake up more stressed. How does that related to the rest of your day…your evenings? Can you apply the same awareness?


  5. dainis Post author

    From my email box:

    my tinnitus is what I said from a concussion and fall on my head/neck. If there is something wrong in my neck or spine…And I change my lifestyle with this site, and it won’t work because of a wrong placed cervical vertebra. DO you know which steps I should take? Ostheopath, chiropractor or so?

  6. dainis Post author

    Spine and neck injuries…great question. You have your own internal guidance system, your knowledge, your feelings, your immune system, and it is great that you are listening to it.

    Projecting into the future saying: if I do the stuff on your site and still have T and this is the reason, then what do I do? May be a bit too far in the future to be useful. Does that question relax you or bring about stress?

    A) I’ve had a lot of chiropractic work done, and I know from experience that my state of being really influences what I can get out of the sessions. If I am super tense, then the session, while helpful, is more temporary and kind of useless really. If I am approaching the session from place of well being, then things work much much better.

    So, coming into a state of well being is healthy no matter what, so it’s a useful goal.

    B) Why not take a complete approach? Why not address the injury as best you can, bringing in the therapeutic support you find most healing and appropriate for you?

    Does that need to exclude counseling, addressing past abuse, traumas, relationship issues, career issues, personal issues, etc. etc. that can keep you in a psychological state of overwhelm?

    Of course not.

    So, our program includes body work, mental emotional work, and personal “work.” Well, it’s not “work” really, because it’s more like “releasing” or “coming into well being.”

    Also, with lifestyle changes, my perspective is that it starts with first looking at how one is reacting to one’s life first and seeing if that’s appropriate. Developing perspective. Maybe your lifestyle does not really need to change, but certain reactions are keeping you stressed. Or, maybe there really are lifestyle changes to make that will enhance your state of well being.

    At any rate, how does it sound for you to address your tinnitus from these 3 therapeutic perspectives:

    1) Your body and injury
    2) Your emotions and psychological well being
    3) Personal “work” that you can do to enhance your well being outside of any doctor’s or therapist’s office


  7. s.

    Reply to Tim from January 14th.
    When I was / am tinnitus free I feel “normal” or well, clear headed and in touch with my surroundings, and it’s not a dumb question.

      1. curetinnitus

        Tudi, for me, i kind of “stopped” therapies when my tinnitus went down to about 95% better with long phases of no awareness of tinnitus. i know i “should” do a final series of all 5 guidelines, but right now, tinnitus is just not a priority, because it simply just is not very bothersome or loud.

        as admin here, i’ve noticed that kind of personality, maybe it’s a “good enough for now” phase 🙂 LOL


  8. Michael Murphy

    Hi, I’ve been suffering from tinnitus w/ sinus complications for over 4 months and may have made a grave error a couple days back. In a sinus-stupor of agony, I looked in a family medicine cabinet for a saline nasal spray only to instead grab a Vicks Vapor nasal spray containing similar ingredients to Afrin. As soon as I realized my mistake, I did my Nedi Pot regimen to minimize its impact, but while the sinus pain went away for a while, the tinnitus volume/sensation has increased as well a sensation of pain in the ears today.
    What do I have to worry about (ototoxic burning? )and what can be done now this is in my system?

  9. Karen

    I’d like to ask whether lipoflavinoids or wobenzym have been helpful to people, but I can’t find a way to post the question. Can you advise me how to post a question? Or have I just done it?
    Many thanks!

    1. dainis Post author

      we’ve discussed both on previous cure tinnitus shows. meds, enzymes, vitamins, etc., these are a part of your physical well being. we advocate finding what works for you. so, some people may respond very well to wobenzym, for example, while others may not want to include it in their therapy plan. as long as you have the four program guidelines in place in your life, you have a lot of room for personal choice, for individualization, for finding what works for you…which is as it should be. saying “lipoflavinoids cure tinnitus” is off-base, however, it’s just as off-base to say “lipoflavinoids don’t work and are a rip off.” Same goes for CST, massage, acupuncture, etc. So, continue to reference the well being matrix for tinnitus from Julian’s eBook, check your state of fight or flight with the fight or flight questionnaire, make sure you have all 4 program guidelines in place (listed on the show #24 link), and if you wish to incorporate lipoflavinoids or wobenzym in the physical part of your journey, then you can certainly see if they work for you.

      does that make sense?

      each persons’ journey is similar…tinnitus is very patterned…but which solution you use for each piece can vary greatly.


  10. Gintas k

    hello , what the best antidepressants for curing tinnitus ? my doctor prescribed Mirtazapin Actavis 15mg ir Setralin . did it will not worse my tinnitus ?

  11. A H

    Hi Dainis,

    Public question here. I know you mentioned on one of the shows you did with Julian that your T had dropped to a quiet level, but you were still looking to ‘let go all the way’. My question is how are things with tinnitus these days? Also, I know you’ve mentioned it’s not one particular thing that helps with T, but what have you found is the biggest component of a recovery plan?

    Thank you so much!
    A H

    1. dainis Post author

      hey there A H,

      i am in an intense phase of my life right now, and every now and then, i notice some T. regarding the biggest component(s) of my recovery plan, for me it’s been: reducing and eliminating external stressors. also: honoring myself enough to actually take care of myself properly.