Donation Drive During CV19 Outbreak

Donate to support our cause! Every little bit helps…

Dear Visitors, Friends, and Family,

We all want to get better from tinnitus, or to help those who aren’t doing as well as we are. That’s the whole focus of, where we learn from those who’ve healed themselves.

To be able to secure our legal footing, and become a full-fledged not-for-profit organization, needs $100,000 USD.

We need to set up a helpline, and just can’t do that without adequate finances. We need to be able to provide help to those who don’t have money right now, or who are struggling to make ends meet.

Statistically, tinnitus impacts people who are either having severe financial difficulties, or those who are particularly well to do.

In order to:

  • finally found the not-for-profit organization
  • create a helpline
  • update the site (much needed and will cost around $5,000 USD)
  • get the legal backing we need so that the use of the word “cure” does not land any of our experts, authors, or organizers in jail
  • create merchandise and other supportive items for people who are suffering
  • participate in and facilitate and possible originate valid well-funded scientific studies

we need your support.

Also, every little bit helps.

If you in the category of people with tinnitus, who has the means, I am going to ask you to donate generously, now. The reason I am asking with urgency, is because I’ve been keeping the site online for all of these years at great personal expense, and whenever people need help — I just give it to them — I’m very bad at asking for money in exchange for the kind of help that people suffering with tinnitus need. It feels so awful to have someone contact me who is suffering, and then to say — ooh ok you need to give me money first.

The Program is special, because we present a wholesome “ladder” out from tinnitus. It’s not a promise, but rather a method. Our five guidelines:

  1. Education
  2. Physical health
  3. Beyond physical health (Emotional, Mental, and spiritual well-being)
  4. Personal well being
  5. Good support network

have helped people confused and overwhelmed by tinnitus, to settle and just take healthy helpful next steps.

I just can’t shoulder all of the expenses of keeping alive alone. I can’t. Making it into a “monetized” website has really failed — it’s not about that — it’s about helping.

But I just haven’t had the 5-10K necessary to make into a secure, legal not-for-profit organization. The legal aspects of using the word “cure” are not to be belittled. It’s scary.

You might have noticed that over the last 17 years, possibly because of’s persistent insistence on scientific accuracy, that even the ATA’s (American Tinnitus Association) offerings have become more helpful, more wholesome, and more holistic.

So, we know that we’re on the right track, but again, I simply can’t shoulder the expenses alone, receive a smattering of donations from time to time that don’t cover the site expenses, and still give everyone my best advice and best support for free.

As you know, we’ve received many emails from people thanking for saving their lives, and I’d very much like you to help us continue.

dainis w michel
Publisher of