Download this book to let go of tinnitus by Julian Cowan Hill

This video, in particular, allows me to alter my spiritual, emotional, mental, and thereby, my physical self, to see just how “letting go” of tinnitus works. Watching him, I can feel my skull, nasal passages, and yes, my ears…letting go.

Video Title: Download this book to let go of tinnitus

What happens when you concentrate on his face? Honestly, how do you feel? Am I the only one who connects with Julian’s “release” in this way? I’m really excited about it, and I’ve already left a message for him. It would be AWESOME to be able to do an interview with him…and I already ordered his book!

2010 Update: I did interview him, and we’ve designed a guided online support community here at for folks who wish to liberate themselves of tinnitus!