Cure Tinnitus Show #19

I wonder if you have any thoughts about my latest T variations…

I’ve had tinnitus in my left ear since its hearing was impaired by an operation – initially it was horrendous. I’ve always been sensitive to noise in any case, and I’m also a musician of sorts. Lately I’ve been managing it better – ie I’ve had more “better” days (although when it returns after a good spell I notice it more, even if it is relatively quiet); however, in the last few years I’ve been hearing ticking noises in my right ear, and in the last couple of years these noises have become more frequent. They sound as if something physical is happening; I am often annoyed by crackling noises which are not dissimilar in my left ear – sometimes, more annoyingly, when the T is relatively Ok in that ear.

I had thought that these ticking noises – sometimes singular, sometimes in a cluster, sometimes quite quiet, sometimes louder – could be objective tinnitus, but an ENT specialist is sure this is not the case. These noises have been getting to me lately, and no doubt the anxiety has not helped the T in the other ear. A less rational part of me sees/hers them as “out to get me”, the last straw etc etc. My more rational self sees a lot in Dr Sarno’s “divided mind” thesis that chronic pain and other syndromes, including tinnitus, are psychosomatic – ie an attempt by a part of the brain to divert one’s attention from unconscious rage, sadness etc. If one accepts this diagnosis the symptoms often disappear – difficult, of course, as T can give rise to a load of irrational thoughts.

I could go on, but I would be very interested to know what you think of my ticking ear.



PS EFT would seem to offer real possibilities in tinnitus management at the very least. Also, mindfulness meditation etc.

…I do have something to share…

As your mind grapples with tinnitus, you can consider resting in your body…or creating an environment in which you can do so…and that might only be at a therapist’s office.

I’ve experienced total tinnitus silence during a Cranio-sacral session. Since then, I’ve moved back into a whisper of chronic tinnitus that does not bother my work, but still…I’ll be applying all of the components of the program soon…hmm…can we help hold each other accountable?

I’m going to send a message to everyone about that…what an idea…what do you think?

Another thing is, clicking or screeching, howling or motorcycle noise-ing…my experience is that people experience relief in direct proportion to how thoroughly they apply these four Program elements:

1. Build a network of support (relaxing, helpful, funny)
2. Get appropriate and relaxing body work (massage, cranio sacral, etc., find what suits you)
3. Get appropriate and relaxing counseling (psychotherapy, counseling, etc., find what suits you)
4. Do your personal relief stuff, get the rest you need, go on those walks, take time out for yourself, yes, do some stuff for yourself.

Do process that rage stuff…and we’ll cover this more during the show…and please remember, I’m just the coordinator and founder around here…Julian is the therapist and teacher…so I’m a fellow student doing the best I can…

…hey, and do tell me how I’m doing 🙂


Recorded April 30, 2010.

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