Our new terms and conditions

Hi, these are our new terms and conditions…


  • accept 100% responsibility for your own health and actions 🙂
  • agree to being a helpful, honest, and kind community member
  • must be a natural person

CureTinnitus.org information is made available only to people who accept full responsibility for their own health and actions. It is possible that your condition was caused by someone or something else, yet in the process of getting better, the choices you make are yours and yours alone.

This website documents the steps others have taken to manage, reduce, and in some cases, eliminate tinnitus. No promises regarding your progress can ethically be made, even though all of the information on the site is offered with kindness, care, love, and honesty.

If you cannot say “I am responsible for my own health and actions,” thereby indemnifying CureTinnitus.org of liability regarding your health, then you are not welcome to access our information.

  • adz.world based members agree to post once a week within our member area
    • & agree to view selected adz every 5-10 minutes
  • donating members receive access without adz, but can view adz at a special adz page
  • guided support members receive access without adz and pay-by-the minute professional support

what do you think?

do we need any edits?