"knee-jerk anger threaten to sue hot-headed blast it all" is a typical tinnitus response — join CureTinnitus.org and learn to handle it NOW. it s*cks too much to be around you if you continue to act that way…

i received your voicemail as well and i am going to publish our discourse while making your name anonymous.

please don’t feel bad about it — but i am going to present you with the best response i can come up with.

as much as i understand your frustration — i replied to your first email — you missed the prompts for subscription and somehow found an out of date subscription level that is much less expensive than the current member due amount — and less than 3 full days later you are threatening with legal action over a $17 charge.

considering that legal action costs around $150 per hour for just the most basic services — i am tempted to say: go ahead sue me that is ridiculous, but of course, i won’t.

i’d like to tell you, with the sincerest of intentions, that your angry threatening response is dysfunctional in a way that is directly related to tinnitus.

i “almost” just refunded your amount and told you never to come near me or any of my virtual presences ever again — but it took me just a moment to figure out how to respond to you. since i know that the kind of outrage and knee-jerk response you are presenting me with is symptomatic of tinnitus, and because i know that our materials can help you and others in a similar state — i have chosen to publish our discourse so others can benefit.