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Here is a description of what we offer people with tinnitus

What we’re doing for you

  • We teach people how to let go of tinnitus
  • We actively seek out contact with people who report having healed themselves of tinnitus and the practitioners who have helped them do so. Your help in our effort is greatly appreciated.
  • We have regular Cure Tinnitus Shows with member interaction, guided by Julian Cowan Hill, who healed himself of tinnitus completely and has dedicated himself to helping you do the same thing
  • We have an outreach program that has contacted many if not all of the leading tinnitus institutions about our helpful approach to healing from tinnitus

Our Expectations

  • Our courses and memberships are only available to people who take 100% responsibility for their health.
  • We are a “safe-zone” from the often aggressive free tinnitus support sites out there, therefore our member communication is consistently kind and honest.