here’s a little bit about what it takes to publish caring, honest, correct, scientifically sound health information online

i kinda wanted to let you know what it’s like to publish health-related content online. it’s brutal…

…destructive efforts have included methods like:

  1. personal attacks
    1. via FaceBook messenger, FaceBook comments, blog comments, email
  2. financial attacks
    1. buying in bulk via fraudulent credit cards,
  3. threats
  4. hack attacks
  5. deceptive attacks (stealing my info and using it to sell scam products resulting in possibly thousands of people mistakenly thinking “I” sold them a poorly-written scammy eBook)

do you have any recommendations or solutions?




  1. Martin

    Bit of a rant, but I understand 😉
    It’s brutally frustrating when one invests time and money in order to help people, and then receives hated in return. Your former co-host Julian also has one or two Youtube videos about this topic.
    I like your site; Many thanks for having it renovated!

    1. dainis Post author

      Dear Martin, you are most welcome!

      …And yes, the video is a pretty lengthy “rant.” I may be able to show the issues more succinctly in future videos, but what’s quite surprising is that it seems that the backlash is against good sites — against kind information — against sound science — and against reasonable therapies.

      to me, that’s what i find unpleasant. i mean, some people would do really well with regard to at least reducing their tinnitus a bit — by making sure that they’re properly hydrated.

      so like: really simple advice.

      take care of yourself properly and see how things go then…

      and why would advocacy of common sense receive a backlash?

      so…it’s time to “turn the corner” on such “backlash.” it’s really OK to make a healing plan with the goal of having completely healthy hearing at the end…

      it’s also OK to only “make it” 50% of the way, and basically figure out how to cope with tinnitus somewhere along the line. that is also ok…

      anyway: i’m going to be looking into the kinds of adz i serve at so that the mix of adz really supports health and well being 🙂