Open letter to the OHSU Tinnitus Clinic about the Cure Tinnitus Community at

Subject: Your Potential Collaboration in a Cure Tinnitus Community as an Experiment in Conscious Commerce

Dear OHSU Tinnitus Clinic Team,

This may sound unusual, but I’m contacting you to see if you would be interested in considering participating in an online endeavor in “conscious commerce” relating to supporting people with tinnitus. Your participation could be as little as providing a few articles or as in-depth as providing weekly webinars, and there are many options in between.

I understand that the “open letter” format is quite forward, and I hope that you will accept it as possibly the only way for me to gain the attention of the kinds of experts and organizations I wish to attract to this project. I already sent the OHSU Tinnitus Clinic an email, to which I received no reply, and I can only assume that my first attempt at contacting you just didn’t get through. Fortunately, your public reply will likely help more people than if we keep this between us.

The social experience will take place at, and here are the short details.

1) Support community for people dedicated to curing their own tinnitus
(taking full responsibility for their actions and health)

2) Initial limit of 1,000 members

3) Donation-based commerce

I’ve made the “consicous commerce” business plan available here:

If you are interested in talking further, please let me know!

Dainis W. Michel