Cure Tinnitus Show #9

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  1. Generally, I am wondering about doing things that, in the short term might have a negative impact on the tinnitus, but, in the long term, overall will be good for me. In particular, I am thinking about having all of my mercury dental fillings removed. I think that having all this toxic metal in my head is not a good thing! So, having them removed seems to be a good thing. However, my tinnitus is still pretty reactive right now, so I wonder if it’s the best time to have seven fillings removed — i.e. if my body will experience it as trauma and just be my nervous system all jacked-up again.
  2. If I get a clean bill of health from my doctors and still have tinnitus, what do I do then? How do I stop obsessing that this is, indeed, a “sign” of something “wrong” with my health that will manifest at some point?  How can someone get a symptom like this in the absence of any hearing loss?
  3. What about intense exercise and tinnitus?  I started Bikram yoga and like it but it’s a bit stressful too because of the heat in the room.  I hear the tinnitus during the class (it’s relatively quiet) but sleep better that evening.  Should I continue?  Are aerobics dance classes which are more enjoyable a better bet?
  4. What’s with this feedback loop concept?  Am I listening now that I’ve “identified” the sound and can’t stop “listening” for it unconsciously in the background?
  5. Should I do TRT?
  6. How can I explain the sudden onset?
  7. Causes:  are they sure sinuses have nothing to do with this?  What about finally going off benzos (Klonopin) after using them for 15 years???  I’ve read that can cause tinnitus.  I am currently on Ativan, 1 mg. 2x/day because it helps calm down the tinnitus and helps me relax.  That’s a benzo too but diff. than Klonopin.

Show format: Gathered questions, one-on-one between Dainis and Julian, live questions, exercise everyone can do together.

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