Rejuvenation (Newsletter #02)

Hi there!

After an unfortunate interruption, I am getting back on its feet. If you log in now, you’ll see that:

Cure Tinnitus Show 28
Cure Tinnitus Show 27
Cure Tinnitus Show 26

all work!

One of my biggest challenges with the website to date has been the financial aspect of it. It is a great relief to me that anyone can now register for our “ powered membership level,” and access the site in exchange for watching required advertisements. The burden of blocking people out due to finances, is lifted!

If you register right now, (even with just a few clicks via Facebook), you’ll access our complimentary powered membership level, and you’ll be able to watch all three of the shows listed above. You’ll be served ads every 7 minutes, and we’ll be gathering feedback on which ads our community likes the best.

If you’ve donated or purchased in the past, you have full adz-free “Almuni” access, please just be in touch, ok?

Also, our paid products are not quite online yet, so please be patient as we get everything together for those who wish to purchase a support package. Our experience has shown that spending on your own health and well being relates directly to the results you get.


PS: the front page of is not ready yet, but we are getting close to considering the site re-launched…