Self-Paced Package Welcome

Dear [firstname], it’s really great that you chose to join. I’m grateful for your trust and am thrilled that you have joined us in our quest for healing from tinnitus. I’m certain you’ll enjoy membership, and the Cure Tinnitus Show archives are a real gold mine. Just about each one has an exercise, and definitely check out Show #5. Talk about darkness to the light on that one! (also, we even had that one transcribed!)

I kinda spilled the beans to the community and shared what a significant sacrifice creating this site has been for me, and I thank the heavens that we are now receiving these kinds of messages fairly regularly:

“It is not coincidence that I saw your e-mail this am, right at the time I realized my tinnitus was gone.” –E

“Delighted, appreciate it beyond words…” –L

I’ll move into more of a formal member introduction:

The philosophy behind is to support each individual member’s healing efforts with research, experience, and knowledge, and the kind of information we focus on is: learning from people who report having healed themselves. Because of the subjective nature of tinnitus, I can only accept “claim to have healed themselves,” because there is no way that I can “know” if someone else has healed of tinnitus. Does that make sense?

Well, it makes it an interesting investigation and a very interesting journey.

One thing you’ll notice, as you go through the materials is that tinnitus is actually a very “good” thing. It’s a very good symptom for your body to have “chosen,” if you will. It seems that before a more concrete or complete physical breakdown, the body sounds the alarm bell, and each of us has our own individual way to heed the call. Interestingly, it looks like the condition is quite obviously patterned, and what I mean by that is that the way “in” is as obvious as the way “out.” However, we can wind up blinded to the way out, as it is not always easy to look in the mirror, or “turn around,” so to speak.

A really good analogy is: Tinnitus is your smoke alarm going off, and your body is your home. Do you want to turn off the smoke alarm, or put out the fire? We want you to put out the fire, and that is what we teach.

Here’s a bit of “lay of the land” type stuff:
— that is the online version. the PDF version is available for download starting in module 2. please get in touch if you need me to email the PDF eBook to you.
–contains the courses
–has all of the RAT videos
(these videos are also relevant to people with longer term tinnitus, they are just more laden with immediacy)

Ask the Experts

–an area for questions

Also, the 24/7 question line is 1 317 713 (****)

How to contact us...
…ahh that phone number has been archived, please use our chat function or our contact page to get in touch 🙂

… You can record a question there, and we will cover it either by responding directly, making a video for you and the community, or addressing it on the next Cure Tinnitus Show.

One of the most amazing resources in our community is the Cure Tinnitus Show archives. If you are ever in a tough spot, which it sounds like you are, pick an episode and watch.

In terms of roles and responsibilities:

I am the coordinator and founder, and I am a student of the site as well because I still have a bit of tinnitus left. Julian is the resident expert, who healed himself of tinnitus and is teaching us how to do the same thing. The guest experts supplement the work we are doing so that we can learn from more people.

Members take 100% responsibility for their own health and embark on the fascinating route of personal healing and move from tinnitus to “liberation.”

Graduates, as you may know, get a tree planted in their honor.

I just completed some redesign work, so, if you can’t find something or have any other issues, please just let me know, I might not have put everything in the most obvious place.

Sometimes it takes folks a while to read the materials we have on the site, and information itself, while simple, can take some time to “process” and integrate.

…ok, that’s a wrap, and I thank you and truly wish you the best of success in your road to healing.


PS here are some “bonus” items, they are also a good place to start:

  • Bonus 1: The Fight or Flight Questionnaire! This 43-question fight or flight questionnaire awakens you to your state of well-being and your own sabateur, which helps you on your path of liberation from tinnitus.
  • Bonus 2: Tinnitus-soothing well-being video with expert Julian Cowan Hill (who healed himself of tinnitus). This 6 minute, 51 second settling video gets right to the point and explains what the opposite of tinnitus is, and how that can help you right now.
  • Bonus 3: Ocean Waves Serenity Audio. 10 minutes and 17 seconds of authentic Australian ocean waves. Very soothing. As a professional composer and musician, I often felt irritated by the sounds of various tinnitus soothing audio products, so I created this audio for myself and I use it sometimes for sleeping, sometimes for work or meditation, or just to create a calm environment in the room I’m in. Really relaxes my 3-year old daughter too! 🙂
  • Bonus 4: Cure Tinnitus Show #5 which starts off with possibly the most difficult and confrontational tinnitus question ever asked. Complete with a written transcript of the entire 1 hour and 3 minute show!
  • Bonus 5: 25 minute and 22 second video called “Do This Now!” from our Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival eCourse. Regardless of how long you’ve had tinnitus, this video cuts right to the chase and lets you know what can help you right now.
  • Bonus 6: Exclusive interview with Kevin Hogan, author of “The Tinnitus Reduction Program.” 23 minutes and 16 seconds in which Kevin Hogan answers “Do you think it’s ethical to say that tinnitus is incurable?” along with a host of other questions. Kevin, BTW, is a former sufferer of tinnitus.
  • Bonus 7: Exclusive interview with Paul Tobey, author of “Tinnitus Free Living.” Presenting a powerful philosophical approach. This one hour and eight minute long video interview is not for the weak-kneed, and there are a few foul words here and there. Paul is a tinnitus survivor who considers himself completely healed and is deeply grateful for having had tinnitus.
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