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  1. Kirk Chamberlain

    Here’s the deal, I had a hearing test done about 3 years ago that showed some hearing loss with no tinnitus and I just had another one done this past March 2010 because got tinnitus now and it showed the same amount of hearing loss. What really puzzles me is why all of a sudden would my tinnitus decide to manifest now? I think It’s obvious that my hearing loss is not the main cause of my tinnitus.


    1. dainis Post author

      Dear Kirk: Your post shows that you think very clearly about tinnitus. Hearing loss and tinnitus can be related, but they are not necessarily connected. For me, researching “causes” became less than fruitful, so I started researching solutions. That’s why I decided to learn from people who had already healed themselves by putting this site together and sharing it with others. We do, however, have deeper insight into the “cause” of tinnitus as a chronic state of fight or flight, a locked state of shock, a psycho-neuro-immuno-physiological response to external and internal stressors. That’s why our members benefit from a settling roadmap “out” from tinnitus, out from fight or flight, out from chronic stress and INTO well being, into a settled pleasant-feeling body, into a pleasant state of relaxation and awareness.

  2. Kirk

    I have much better understanding of tinnitus now thanks to your self and Julian. I have been putting the advice that you and Julian offer here and I am already starting to see results.

    God bless and thank you so much.

    “Endeavor to persevere.”

    1. Ruth Waldrop

      Tinnitus snuck up on me so gradually I’m not sure when it started — think it was after surgery to have a heart valve replaced 3 years ago. Am now dizzy most of time, buzzing in both ears almost constantly — sometimes so loud that I can hardly stand it. Take vitamins–thought it helped then it came back worse. Lots of headaches including migrains. Took Advil for headaches but was afraid it might make things worse because of chemicals. I use essential oils to help with headaches now. Get some relief from that. I would try almost aything to get relief.

      1. dainis Post author

        Tinnitus can be associated with desperation. That generally lets up when you have our Program Guidelines in place in your life, and when you’ve followed in the footsteps of people who’ve healed themselves already. The path is different for everyone, though we can give you a “map” out from tinnitus, so to speak…you may want to try our course. Our complimentary eZine/course is back up, and our membership options offer self-paced and guided-support options. We only accept money from people who feel helped by our site and community.