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The possibility of living with tinnitus for life terrified me, and my doctor actually told me that it was only going to get worse. It got to the point where suicide was a viable option for me, and I felt pretty good about ending my life…I mean, who can live with this kind of pain?

Maybe you can relate, because it seems that a lot of trustworthy sources say that tinnitus is incurable, and you just wish it weren’t true.

Tinnitus makes your life so much less than it was before, and it’s relentless, it doesn’t stop.

Somewhere inside, you know that ignoring your tinnitus is wrong, even dangerous. It feels like a warning sign, and you’d like to pay attention to it, but your treatment plan seems to be incomplete. You’re not getting the results you want, the silence you want, the peacefulness you want back. Life just seems to get in the way, and the tinnitus continues.

Actually, according to Dr. Hans Greuel from Germany, ignoring your tinnitus and learning to live with it leaves you at risk for further medical complications.

Tinnitus is an illness that stems from specific risk factors, therefore, it is important to learn how to cure it. Learning to live with it means further complications, reduction in health, and even the risk of having a stroke. (Dr. Hans Greuel, Tinnitus Specialist…more about him below…)

So, tinnitus not only reduces the quality of your life, it’s a serious health risk as well. When you have tinnitus, people, even doctors, seem to just make a buck off of you and leave you hanging.

Maybe you’ve spent all you can, but tinnitus still bothers you every single hour of every single day. Your ears just keep ringing, and you feel like you’ve tried everything. You might even pretend you’ve “habituated” it or pretend you’ve “learned to live with it,” but the truth is you’d rather live a tinnitus free life.

It’s possible that you’ve even joined a tinnitus support group, either a local one you go to personally, or one online, and even though you’ve found some sympathy, it’s more like a big complaining session than a place to find real solutions.

You may even be resigned to having “T” for the rest of your life, because “giving up” is more of a relief than fighting for a cure.

How about this for an option: Instead of giving up on feeling better, how about “giving up” the tinnitus? Instead of “letting go” of your deep desire for health, how about “letting go” of tinnitus? What I mean is how does learning to “let go” of ringing in your ears sound to you?

If it were at all realistic for you to “let go” of ringing in your ears, if the process were mapped out, doable, and realistic…and it felt good along the way…would you be interested?

You can learn how to let go of tinnitus

Fortunately, there IS a way out of tinnitus, and it’s not just the right herb, the right surgery, the right eBook, the right drug, or a “cure.” It’s the right information and support combined with the right actions on your part. The right treatment process includes body work, counseling, and attention to your general well-being. Fortunately, getting on the right path to feeling better…feels really good! It’s a joy, it’s step by step, and it’s a real relief!

By taking the time to read this entire page, you are making a significant contribution to your health and well-being. That’s what this resource is all about: your well-being. Below, you can read about the benefits you get when you join the CureTinnitus.org Community, and you can also find out why a paid community is justified.

For your personal progress, you really have a choice. You can work with doctors or associations who insist that tinnitus is incurable, or you can work with doctors and associations who have an open mind about the curability of tinnitus, and who have developed information, methods, and treatment programs designed to help you get better.

Here are some answers for you

Dr. med Hans Greuel Author of the book “Tinnitus is Curable” states…

Dr. Hans Greuel

Dr. med. Hans Greuel

Conscientious, driven people who exhaust themselves by setting very high standards for themselves are more likely than others to suffer from tinnitus and related problems.

Doctors usually seek some measurable symptom, such as a circulatory problem in the ear, and then treat it as the cause of the illness. They prescribe drugs or, in extreme cases, perform surgery.

But such methods seldom provide relief.

Sudden deafness, dizziness, ringing in the ear and migraines are simply natural (fight or flight) protection reflexes fighting against too many burdens. The goal of the Biomental Therapy is alleviation and to become cured (e.g. from tinnitus) and not having to get used to it.

The goal of Biomental Therapy is not to have you change your life, give up your job, resolve your childhood conflicts, blame your parents, find a new partner, etc., instead, patients learn to correct the reactive patterns of their nervous systems.

These faulty reactive patterns became conditioned habits in particular phases of life, creating neck and jaw tension, inflamed mucous membranes in the sinuses, and most importantly, disturbances in circulation of the head and inner ear, which progess into tinnitus, sudden loss of hearing, or menieres.

Biomental Therapy deconditions these faulty reactive patterns and replaces them with healthy “healing reflexes.”

In about 80% of all cases this therapy [BioMental Training] significantly reduces the pain or completely cures the disease (Research Report). So far, more than 23,000 treatments have been successfully carried out and documented in numerous books.

Kevin Hogan, Psy.D., Author of “Tinnitus Reduction Program Book and CD Set”

Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan

When posed the question “Do you think is is ethical to say that tinnitus is incurable?” Kevin Hogan, in an exclusive interview with CureTinnitus.org replied:

It’s not unethical to say that it’s incurable, it’s just totally incorrect. In fact, if I go back and I look at the cases that I’ve worked on, and I’ve worked with thousands of people over a decade, and the vast majority, are either dramatically better, or their tinnitus is gone. One of the two.

Are those facts, or is it “false hope?” Let’s keep investigating. What does London based cranio-sacral therapist, Julian Cowan Hill have to say?

Julian Cowan Hill RCST, Author of “Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend, How to let go of Ringing in Your Ears.”

Julian Cowan Hill

Julian Cowan Hill R.C.S.T.

“If you really look after yourself and learn to get in touch with how you are feeling inside and learn to process that, that is the way out of tinnitus. Most people spend their whole lives running away from themselves, filling their lives with furious frantic activity, proving this, doing that. The best thing you can do is sit with yourself and notice how you are, how you are treating yourself. And if you can treat yourself with loving kindness and really accept how you are with a really wonderful, open-hearted, deep, caring approach, just like you would mother a baby, for example. If you can really look after yourself, your nervous system will change. Nothing is fixed. Everything is constantly changing and flowing, and it is entirely dependent on the way you approach yourself. Look after yourself, and your tinnitus will back off.

To sample the kinds of videos available in the CureTinnitus.org Member Community, you can watch a free video of Julian Cowan Hill here.

When you watch the video, take care to notice how Julian sits. Can you see the relaxation in his face? Sure, he works and has stress and all of those things, but can you see his peaceful demeanor? He might not have mentioned it in the video, but Julian had tinnitus for 20 years, and then he not only learned how to “let go” of it, but he decided to dedicate his life to helping others do the same.

Your Membership to the CureTinnitus.org Member Community Includes

  • Health information to help people with tinnitus get on the right track
  • Ongoing addition of videos and interviews
  • Scheduled interactive webinars with tinnitus experts and healing practitioners
  • Initial Package Content in Download area
  • Ask the expert area where you can access top healing practitioners and tinnitus specialists
  • In-depth information for knowledge seekers
  • Compassionate support from a kind community of people with tinnitus
  • Support in dealing with the emotional side of tinnitus
  • Support in dealing with the physical side of tinnitus
  • Discounts on tinnitus-related products and services
  • Much more!

Instead of being a site that promises to cure you, this is a site where you can get real information about your condition. Scientific evidence indicates that you can get better, and as you’ve now witnessed, there are people who have healed themselves of tinnitus entirely! 

CureTinnitus.org neither promises to cure you, nor does it insist on the incurability of tinnitus. It is an exclusive club for fine individuals who are attracted to the idea of “letting go” of their tinnitus, and who are open to the possibility of healing themselves.

If you’ve come this far, you’ve already seen our terms of service and disclaimer, and whoah! It’s pretty thorough, but in todays lawsuit-happy society, it’s necessary. So, please understand that this website is only for people who

  • Take 100% responsibility for their own health and actions
  • Are attracted to the idea of achieving optimal, vibrant, and tinnitus-free health
  • Accept the CureTinnitus.org Terms of Service and disclaimer

Taking responsibility for your own health and actions means that you accept that you could have negative results with your health, especially if you don’t use your head, and doubly especially if you don’t work with professional medical experts.

So, this is not the kind of website that says “hey, all those doctors are ripping you off, you need to read this $17 eBook, and you will cure yourself in 5 easy steps.” Not at all. Most cases of tinnitus require a good amount of both physical and mental help from professionals. But the good news is that the help is out there. Sure, the bad news is that a lot of doctors don’t know the latest and best information about helping tinnitus patients, but that’s what this site is for.

  • This site provides ongoing support and help
  • You will be able to print out materials and talk about them with your doctor
  • You will be able to do online meditations and download audios and videos that can help you relax whenever you need it, wherever you are
  • The ability to get involved much more deeply in this incredibly important movement of information, health, and scientific accuracy.

…we can learn how to let go of the ringing in our ears…together…

About Dainis W. Michel, Founder of CureTinnitus.org

Dainis W. MichelI’ve had chronic tinnitus for almost 7 years now, and while my condition has improved dramatically, I still have some tinnitus. It would be completely irresponsible and dishonest of me to promise you a “cure.” However, it’s just as irresponsible to say that curing the condition is impossible. I have a good amount of work to do to improve my mental, emotional, and physical health. And the great thing is that I have is a plan, I have map, and I know what I need to do next. I want you to have the same confidence, the same resources, and frankly, I want to share the joy of getting better with a wonderful group of people!

Fortunately, after thinking about how I would kill myself and mulling over the wording of my final letter to my family and friends, I did a few Internet searches. And just maybe, you are in the same situation right now.

Here’s what I did: I decided to try a few treatments before moving forward with suicide. Before going to see any doctors at all, I asked them personally “is my cure your goal?” That was my test. Of course, I completely accepted that no doctor could guarantee to cure me, but I only wanted to work with people who actually cared enough and had enough confidence in themselves to make my complete healing their sincere goal. Does that make sense?

My commitment, studies, travels, and time investment cost a lot of money. A lot of money. But the rewards have been extraordinary. I’ve improved step by step, and I’ve learned that not only is suicide not necessary due to the “affliction” of tinnitus, I’ve learned that tinnitus is like an internal “health-o-meter” that indicates how well I’m treating myself. I even created a video series called “Tinnitus Treasure: Tinnitus is the Best Thing that ever Happened to you…but now What?” I’m so grateful for my tinnitus now, it goes beyond words. Tinnitus teaches me to be healthier, happier, stronger, more capable, more intuitive, and better to myself.

Also, should my tinnitus ever flare up, I know how to reduce it at will, and the technique works every time. As a composer and conductor, I’ve had to do sensitive studio work, and I’ve spend many many hours in front of a choir. I can honestly say that I’ve only very rarely even heard the tinnitus in the studio or while conducting. If I’m stressed and I do my exercises…the tinnitus volume just drops…at will…every time.

As a member of CureTinnitus.org, you will be able to devise your own personal plan, and I would be honored if you would choose to check out and evaluate the resources I’ve put together.

Justification for a Paid Online Community

At a free site, you get subjected to advertising, and the highest bidder gets your attention. Within CureTinnitus.org, in addition to all the other benefits, you get discounts, unbiased reviews, and a spam-free environent.

That’s not to mention the ridiculous amounts of spam, hatemail, flaming, and flagrantly irresponsible posting at free sites. Some of you may know that I ran a free forum at curetinnitus.org for a number of years, and the spamming and hate-posts, and even innocent-looking links that went to explicit adult material were a complete nightmare! The burdens of hacking and spamming became too overwhelming (often over 2hrs per day), and a paid service allows us all to have a safe place to get together, free from advertising, free from flaming, free from angry attacks. Join and find discounts, information, videos, audios, and safe refuge.

How much do you want to spend on your tinnitus?

Kevin Hogan reports spending approximately $30,000 in today’s dollars just to find out what didn’t work. I’ve spent at least that much, not including the resources spent to put this website together. Others also report spending thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes without success. If we pool our resources and knowledge together at CureTinnitus.org, then all of us can save money and make better decisions.

Wouldn’t you rather watch an interview with a particular practitioner, or even participate in an online webinar with that person, before spending thousands on flights, accomodations, and treatments? I sure would, and that’s exactly what we will be providing at CureTinnitus.org, provided that the practitioners are willing to be interviewed 🙂

Also, fortunately, there is more and more that you can do with local practitioners, provided you inform yourself (and sometimes, them), and learn what to look for.

That’s another really important aspect of the CureTinnitus.org Member Community: you can learn how to create a support network right where you are now that will help you get better step by step. And that saves you time, money, and aggravation, connecting you with the right information and resources at a fraction of the cost those before you needed to pay.

Your Initial Package Includes: (will be added to continuously)

    How to Let Go of Ringing in Your Ears eBook 
    ($15 Value)
  • “Gain Your Bearings” General Interview with Julian Cowan Hill: ($12 Value)
  • Tinnitus Treasure Video Series by Dainis W. Michel: ($17 Value)
  • Coming soon: meditation audios created in collaboration with the world’s top tinnitus specialists ($30 Value)
  • Coming soon: Dr. Hans Greuel eBook ($24 Value)
  • Kevin Hogan Interview ($9 Value)
  • Over $350 in discounts on tinnitus-related products and services for members (so far)

Ongoing Content: (Priceless and will be added to continuously)

The webinars, the interviews, the support of a kind community, etc., these aren’t things that can be measured in terms of monetary value. Maybe someone can figure out how to price it, but I sure can’t.

Here are a few “Frequently Asked Questions…”

You may think, “hey but this is just a start-up website, I mean don’t we have major national associations working on curing tinnitus?”

And I understand where you are coming from. The information found on this site is scientifically backed with studies since the 80’s. The website is run by a web pro, and the national tinnitus associations, such as the ATA, truly need a friendly counterpart focusing not on finding “a cure,” but on teaching people to cure themselves while taking full responsibility for their own health.

Is this a scam website?

It’s true that the Internet is a diverse place. There are wonderful resources ilke online encyclopedias, dictionaries, city guides, news resources, entertainment sites, I mean, you name it, it’s online. If you don’t know something, chances are, you can figure it out online. So, just like there are pickpockets at a market, there are scams on the Internet. There are also a whole lot of honest information providers, doctors, service offerings, etc. Frankly, were it not for the Internet and the ability to quickly find practitioners who were willing to help me with tinnitus, I might have ended my own life. Because of the Internet, I could find them, call them, and make arrangements to see them. What cost me 10’s of thousands of dollars, I can provide to you at a small fraction of the cost.

Regarding evaluating scams, there are a few factors that might come into play here. First off, the practitioners and founder of CureTinnitus.org are easy to locate and contact. The people are real. Scam artists are usually hidden in the shadows using false names, and they make it very hard to find them due to their shady activities.

Therefore, if you have any questions about membership, it’s benefits, or if you just want to share your doubts about the site, you can just give me a call at my personal voicemail number: it’s 1-317-713-(****)

How to contact us...
…ahh that phone number has been archived, please use our chat function or our contact page to get in touch 🙂

… It’s available 24/7 and won’t ever be answered by me live, but you can leave me your name and refer to your email address, and we can take on a personal conversation. Please use your sound judgement with regard to calling me; I do ask that you honor my time and dedication to our cause.

Doctors, therapists, and practitioners who talk about “curing” are often called scam artists by their peers, and then their patient testimonials are called “allegorical” evidence, not to be trusted due to its lack of “scientific grounding.” Such an approach is unfortunate at best, because it eliminates one of the key factors in improving a condition such as tinnitus: the subjective reality of the patient.

What if you’ve spent all of your money, and you have nothing left?

I totally understand. You might wish to look at how you are earning and spending your money, and whether you are treating yourself well enough. Too many people with tinnitus take care of everyone else at the expense of themselves. Your membership fee at the CureTinnitus.org Community is an expense on yourself, it is for YOU, and you CAN feel good about that.

Also, we have scholarships available, just click on the “Scholarship” link below and start your application.

Not to say that this German doctor or Kevin Hogan are scam artists. Their treatments are very likely to have effect on lots of people. But then again, I don’t plan to pay for the privilege to read about them.

This website is more than a resource to read about the services of particular doctors. It is a true community, and as such we have common goals, common interests, and actually, we even share common character traits. Coming together and committing not to “receiving” a cure, but to curing ourselves, in particular by “letting go” of tinnitus, is an honorable and viable goal for a group of people to pursue. The more successful each one of us is, the more successful all of us will be. We are taking our own solutions into our own hands. The online community provides information, meditation videos and audios, helps you create a plan for your own healing, and is a source of encouragement…and that’s much more than just reading about the services provided by a few doctors!

I am not worth it, I deserve these sounds in my head. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Some people have written to me that they sometimes feel they deserve the sounds in their head! They feel unworthy and crazy. If you feel that way, the bless you and please imagine a friend smiling at you. How do you feel when you think of a friend smiling at you with kind eyes? You probably feel warm, happy, and loved, don’t you? That, my dear friend, is how you deserve to feel…all the time. However your feelings of unworthiness came about, you can cast those feelings aside and still be a “good” person. The world is waiting for you to come into your own and love yourself, and you are definitely worth the small monthly fee of this membership site. You will certainly move forward as a member. Consider it an investment in you.

What about the American Tinnitus Association, the Australian Tinnitus Association, the British Tinnitus Association, etc.?

We urge you to join your local national tinnitus association. Membership is usually very inexpensive. Their work is useful, and our organization provides much needed balance in the dynamic world of healing.

For example, the American Tinnitus Association’s focus is on “scientific” research, yet their Roadmap to a Cure is seriously flawed. They need all the help they can get, and we are here to support and work with national tinnitus associations.

While providing much needed compassion, the overriding message from the tinnitus associations is to ask for donations, do research, and ask you to wait for “a cure,” while they “work on it.”

CureTinnitus.org, on the other hand, is a collection of people who take 100% responsibility for their own health, and who are attracted to the idea of healing themselves.

The word doctor comes from the Latin word meaning to teach. A true doctor is also a teacher—teaching clients how to heal themselves, prevent disease and generate optimal health. Healing includes yet goes beyond curing people’s bodies. It is about empowering people to heal their lives. Illness and injury can prompt us to look carefully at ourselves and our lives. They can also help us to better appreciate the preciousness of life and health. How have we been using our bodies? What have we been doing with our lives? What is our true mission in this world?

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, ignites a heart, and inspires a spirit. We commit to helping each other live, grow, teach, and heal with joy, with appreciation, and with reverence for life’s magnificent and magical forces.

In that light, the CureTinnitus.org Community is a collective, dynamic teacher. Driven by its members, loved by its founder and practitioners, and offered to you at the most reasonable price possible.

I feel too skeptical

If you are too skeptical, then join for either 7 or 30 days free. You won’t be able to download the products we have to pay our authors for, but you will be able to get a feel for the site.

Maybe I just have too much negative programming in my mind because scientists and specialists say there is no cure.

Some scientists and specialists do say there is no cure, however, they make a critical logical mistake in their argument. They say “there is no cure,” when they mean “I cannot help you.” Also, regardless of “who” the person is talking, they actually need to be telling the truth. It’s not that these scientists and specialists are lying on purpose, it’s just that for the most part, they don’t know the truth.

Other scientists and specialists, like those gathered at CureTinnitus.org, have completely different convictions based on their real observations and experiences. The truth is that with proper body, counseling, and lifestyle work, you CAN get better. And getting better is the first step to getting well.

I live in a country where the membership fee is too expensive for me

Please apply for a scholarship

There are warnings all over the place against those who promise a cure and ask you to put your name in a “special offer box”

Of course it seems dubious to feel like you’re being promised “a cure” if only you put your name and email into a “special offer” box. But here’s the situation with that. First off, you are not being offered “a cure,” you are being invited to join a CureTinnitus Member Community, only if you are curious about curing yourself.

The information in the website allows you to create a plan to “let go” of tinnitus, getting better along the way. The site is not “giving” you a cure, it is supporting you in curing yourself. Actually, there is a point in the tinnitus healing process, where curing the tinnitus itself becomes unimportant to you. You let go of needing to heal it, partially because it’s so low at that point.

Regarding putting your name and email address into a special box, it’s really important for me to gather email addresses of people with tinnitus. The larger the group, the more change we can effect. The more doctors will find out about these methods. The more national tinnitus associations will take notice, and the more peoples’ health will improve.


“After the 12th treatment session, my tinnitus was gone, but it came back every two to three weeks for a few hours. In my therapeutic sessions, we found out which situations they were. Instead of wallowing in the situations, I spoke without accusation with the person responsible. Since I’ve started doing that, I have not had tinnitus again.” — Dr. Greuel Patient Testimonial

“I had meant to write before as I have had your tapes from July now. They have been wonderful and saved my sanity. My tinnitus is greatly reduced and my Meniere’s under control. I return to your tapes as I find them excellent and I use them every night to go to sleep with. Thank you.” — Anne Clarke (Kevin Hogan client testimonial)

From late June, all through July and August, into September, wherever I was, I was virtually free of the thing (tinnitus), and I have no hesitation in acribing that to the therapy and in thanking you for it. There was a return when I got back to school but the odd thing is that it doesn’t really bother me!! I seem to be able to ignore it, simply because I know that it can vanish. — Alan (Julian Cowan Hill Patient)

“I have suffered head pain 24 hours a day for the last 38 years along with fairly severe tinnitus. So far I have had 5 sessions of Craniosacral Therapy durign the course of which the tinnitus symptoms have been greatly reduced as well as the head pain. I am sure with patience and further treatment the improvements will continue. I am very impressed and deeply grateful for the understanding, dedication and skill of Mr Cowan Hill which is helping to mke my life much less stressful and more painfree.” — Eleanor

I just want to add that you are truly an inspiration and I hope that more people find your website. I find your videos (and especially this one) to be enlightening, and it really gives me hope, and I’m sure others too. God bless, –Jeff
(CureTinnitus.org Community Member about the video Tinnitus Treasure II by Dainis W. Michel)


So, I’ve told you what you get, and I’ve really put everything I have into making this site a really good resource for you, and I really mean it. The practitioners are real experts, the information is sound, and it might sound corny, but I have an incredible amount of compassion for people with tinnitus. Also, I have a glowing feeling inside of me that I actually will “release” my tinnitus entirely. Of course, I can’t be “sure,” but I just feel it, and I want to share that feeling, since it’s helped me so much and my condition has improved so much as a result.

Because I see tinnitus as a wonderfully informative “health-o-meter” now, and I am so incredibly grateful that I’ve had the experience of having tinnitus, it stinks to hear people complaining about tinnitus, when I know just how useful, informative and helpful paying attention to your body’s signals can be. As I said before, I am so much healthier, more capable, more intuitive, and just better at life now!

As a member, you will be able to talk to your doctors from a more informed perspective, and you will be able to make better choices about the kinds of people you choose to work with. Also, this movement really needs you to spread the word and share the knowledge you gain with others.

This site comes with no guarantees about the kinds of results you will get: some will have complete elimination of symptoms, others will progress as far as they can or as far as they choose, yet the work moves you through acceptance, letting go, and complete freedom. This is an educational site, which, in my opinion, is true medicine.

The choice is yours.

Money-back Guarantee

As is customary for all respectable online companies, for your complete satisfaction, the whole site is backed by a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. So, you can totally relax about spending your money with CureTinnitus.org.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, your refund will be delivered to you courteously and promptly.

Why is the CureTinnitus.org Member Community Unique?

A few of the things that make CureTinnitus.org unique are:

  • We help you “let go” of your tinnitus
  • High-quality, scientifically sound information from skilled practitioners mixed with questions and solutions gathered by people with tinnitus
  • The numerous benefits listed above
  • Can create a personal healing plan and implement it locally, where you live
  • Online videos and webinars
  • Kindness
  • Ongoing addition of interviews, articles, videos, etc.
  • The fundamental philosophy that curative and inexpensive healing modalities are better than expensive healing modalities that mask symptoms.
  • You can learn to let go of ringing in your ears here
  • Curing in a community can be easier than curing alone
  • Members take 100% responsibility for their own health
  • Unfailing commitment to integrity and your satisfaction
This page is only available to members.