Cure Tinnitus Show #12

Show aired September 21st 2PM GMT (London Time)

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Discussion included: Julian always talks about “settling” and “focusing” and in general, relaxing so that the tinnitus can abate. What does one do if they are CONSTANTLY being stressed out by life events? …

Member Questions:

Julian always talks about “settling” and “focusing” and in general, relaxing so that the tinnitus can abate.  What does one do if they are CONSTANTLY being stressed out by life events?

Perhaps some of us don’t cope well with life stress?  We all have stressors.  But, for example, what if you are someone who frets and worries all the time and things keep “happening” such as job loss, depression, worry about family issues that keep cropping up, wishing for things to be more “normal” but finding that either your grown kids or your grandkids continue to have problems as they move through life, or your husband, who is self-employed, doesn’t have enough business and your finances are in trouble…..what then?

Should a person be able to COPE with all of the above, and STILL relax enough for the tinnitus to “let go”?  How does one do this?  How does one stop worrying?

When things keep happening, one crisis or mini-crisis into another, how does one keep afloat?  How do people cope?  How can you help yourself relax and “cure” tinnitus when life keeps throwing bricks at you?  Albeit, as one of my physicians once said, “if no one is on chemo then everything is good”.

So the real baseline question is:  as one goes through life and faces crises and mini-crises that many people face, are the differences in coping style and ability a main factor in the development and continuance of things like tinnitus?  How does one RELAX in the face of life’s disappointments and fears?


I would love to try to participate live in the CTS, but I will be working. I’ll definitely catch it on the recording though.

I am currently experiencing a bit of curious resurgence of the T. I think part of it might be physical, and part emotional. Here’s a question for Ian that captures part of what I think might be happening.

As one is working through emotional issues in one’s life, I am wondering: 1) if periods of the worsening of tinnitus can be expected and 2) how one should deal with such periods of a spike in tinnitus? For example, if you are working through a phobia in therapy, while your tendency might always be to avoid whatever is causing you fear, you might have to go through a period where you are confronting that object of fear, which no doubt will cause a temporary increase in anxiety and therefore possibly in the tinnitus. For someone with tinnitus, this of course adds another level of fear and anxiety: confronting “x” or “y” will, in and of itself, cause anxiety, but it may also cause my tinnitus to flare, which is a cause for even more anxiety! Nevertheless, certain issues must be confronted, I presume, even if the tinnitus may spike. So, how does one minimize the impact upon tinnitus and keep from falling into a vicious cycle of anxiety?

Thanks, Dainis!

Overall, I’m doing pretty well and think I’m moving in the right direction. Progress has been slower than I would like,  but such is life. Keep me in your prayers.

Blessings to you and your family!


My question for Julian, since I have been experiencing hearing loss with tinnitus and I know he had the same, is did he notice when he had his tinnitus with the hearing loss if there were times that the tinnitus would change sounds and/or tone down quite a bit and then roar up again for no apparent reason. (before it was totally gone)  My tinnitus today is about a 3 but when I woke up it was awful- about a 9. Throughout the night last night the sounds changed from a car horn to a two-toned vibrational pattern. All of them are incredibly upsetting.  Also- did he have hypercusis (sound sensitivity)?


can you comment on T being a so-called safe and predicatble place. in hindsight T was a protective mechanism,i don’t want or need this now, i feel i need more T free time to build on to gain some  momentum. i must say that the T has greatly improved since reading your ebook and becoming better at settling myself, and CST sesions. being stuck reminds me of the old saying-better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!
Thank you

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