Tinnitus Tip: Are YOU a tinnitus “victim?”

What is a tinnitus victim? Are you a tinnitus victim? What does that make you and what can you do about it?

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  1. s.

    that’s a good question…victim definitely not, sufferer is more accurate but self defeating. how about a more neutral term like
    “person with tinnitus”. just the facts mam.

    1. Lucas

      Let’s see… a Tinnitamer. A mentally strong person who’s capable of dealing with Tinnitus and even healing him or herself.


      1. dainis Post author

        LOL, I have a “Taming the Mighty Tinnitey” video on YouTube…it is literally the DUMBEST thing I have out there. The fewer people in the world that see that nonsense, the better! LOL!

        Tinnitamers unite!