Automatic Tinnitus Content Aggregator Created Today!

Hi all!

Today, I am customizing an automatic tinnitus content aggregator! Is that a green lizard with big teeth? No, that would be a “content alligator,” silly! I’m using a tool called WordPressDirect, and if you want to, you can check it out by clicking here. There are many ways to use the software, and one can make websites with the intention of making a living. 

For us, this is a bit of an experiment, and all of the content “brought in” by the Automatic Tinnitus Content Aggregator will have the username, well, Automatic Tinnitus Content Aggregator. 

Please comment on the quality of the posts and let me know whether we should keep our auto-bot friend around. 

It is my goal to keep this site the #1 online resource for people who are dedicated to curing themselves of tinnitus. So, your voice is very important. 

Best wishes,