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New Tinnitus Recovery Course Created by Julian Cowan Hill

We focused on a wonderful new course for you and created a series of videos to explain what you get with the course, what it will do for you, and how much it costs. Here is the outline of the course:

  1. Finding Hope:
    Getting unstuck
    What is the path to getting better
  2. Easing Struggle:
    Opening to change
  3. Accepting your role in tinnitus.
    Orienting to health.
    Tinnitus as a means of letting go.
    Resignation as a path to acceptance.
    The importance of acceptance.
    Accepting responsibility.
    Encouraging people.
    This is a tough level.
    Make it past this one and your chances are good.
  4. Putting your motivation to work
    Gaining Motivation
    Channeling your strength
    Developing things that work
    Putting your motivation to positive use
    Making your motivation work for you.
  5. Letting go:
    It’s all about you’re much better now how to handle the wobbles
    Sh*t happens–how to cope in that situation.
    Letting go if it comes back.
    What to do if it comes back.
    Letting go continuously.
  6. Gaining power over tinnitus.
    Empowerment: Getting empowered. Claiming your power. Feeling empowered. Gaining empowerment. Letting tinnitus empower you. Claiming empowerment.
    Gaining gratitude through empowerment.
    Thank the tinnitus.
    Sit and drop into a deep state of calm.
    Using the tinnitus for health.
    Tinnitus is keeping me on track.
    Trusting the health of tinnitus.
    Gaining power.
  7. Liberation
    Liberating others
    Recognizing the health of tinnitus.
    Being present
    There’s no sense of I’m like this or this is the way I am, it isn’t possible to have tinnitus in that state.

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Name our course contest!

…we’re not really sure what to call the course. We have a few options:

  • “From Stuck to Liberated” eCourse
  • From Finding Hope To Liberated From Tinnitus
  • Become a Tinnitus Student and Gain Liberation in 7-months (weak because it focuses on a promise and not on a method that involves personal work)
  • From Tinnitus Victim to Tinnitus Student
  • Something with the word “method” in it…
  • Something with the word “journey” in it…

If you think of the exact title that we wind up naming our course before we do…you’ll receive unlimited lifetime access to (a bedrock of information for your health and well-being).

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