Cure Tinnitus Show #11

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  • I was doing better, but went to a loud restaurant and it
    has gotten worse.  Have you guys discussed using TRT or “reactive
  • I’ve been going through a rough time emotionally.  I am in therapy trying to
    figure out my life and I have many issues.  I am both depressed and very
    anxious.  The tinnitus is still there but less so, and I am making progress adapting to it.I have mild carpal tunnel issues and am out of a job, when I sit down and try to type, my
    hand and wrist became tingly and painful.

    I help my daughter and her husband and 3 grandkids financially so all of my unemployment checks go to personal bills and my family.  There really is nothing extra.

    I would never have made it through the initial “shock” of getting tinnitus if it weren’t
    for finding your website and listening to Julian’s talks.  They have been lifesavers.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Re my tinnitus- it started after using drops for a blocked ear tho’ I suspect I had a little bit coming and going before that and I was stressed at work at the the time . Also I work with Hearing Impaired children and listen to powerful hearing aids etc. I’ve always enjoyed going to football matches and now I’m not sure if I will make the tinnitus worse. Should I wear ear plugs at games or not go?
  • Thank you.  I mean that sincerely.  I got the notification about the next show.
    Have not been feeling well at all (nerves shot, tinnitus BACK in full force suddenly (and I think I know why – had a disturbing episode with my married daughter and it threw
    me over the edge) so I need to hear what Julian has to say.I do have a question poss. for the show:  once you have tinnitus, and it has truly  subsided to a great degree (not noticeable for days) and then something
    happens like an emotionally upsetting fight with a loved one, and the T flares –
    will it go away again??  I feel SO defeated!I suppose there a direct cause/effect relationship between the stress and the flare up?
  • Where can I find a health care professional to help me figure out the best treatment?
  • My tinnitus started with dizziness and hearing loss in Friday May 7, 2004 at 5 o’clock morning when it woken me in sleep suddenly; At that time I did not understand what happen for me, I got up in bed but I fell on bed  because I lost my balance, I was feeling nausea but it did not happen, I wanted  going to bath room but I could not going I demanded  my wife helping me. After I did meet the doctor in my city he did understanding me that I have this disease because in the right ear the nerve number eight was died and have not cure for it inside Iraq and in all east countries; please do not try going to any place for treatment and he did not gave me any thing from when he gave me the wrong diagnosis!!I stayed in home without any medication and treatment with my tinnitus and dizziness and hearing loss and without hopefulness until when I arrived Calgary, Canada by visitor visa for training about oil role and I saw the doctor there and he told me the nerve number eight in the right ear is not died but it have problem that is have cure  by surgical operation.This is information about my disease and reports which I taken last year at July in Amman, Jordan after I left Calgary, Canada at March 8, 2008 without medication and treatment because by visitor visa I could not entry any hospital in calgary and I did not have the cost for this operation at that time.
  • Hi, dainismichel. I saw your channel about tinnitus is curable. So, i have both permanent and temporary tinnitus. (The permanent= Mild to Moderate tts. here it when its quiet, going to sleep, reading etc.) The temporary= High-pitched ringing sound coming 2-3 times per month (severe).Well, now i wonder if the cure is temporary, more temporary should i say, hehe – or just you ignore it? Becuase i enjoy reading book alot, but when this came , my world -everything- turned up-side-down.Becuase if people who goed through ur program and dont have tinnitus at all, after that.. than.. it must be good , right?I just want to have peace and quiet when i reading thats all. I always enjoy reading on the night when everything is quiet. Ya know, the creepy books…but, now everything is destroyed thanks by Tinnitus. I also bought a 3-step cure tinnitus program that didnt help at all.
  • hello dainis, thank you for your youtube. i got tinnitus a few years ago when i tried to shut off a smoke alarm that was hard-wired into a friend’s house and i didn’t know that…thought i could find a button to push and turn it off…didn’t work. now terrible ringing since. hey, i can’t afford to join a group right now. do you have info i can access that doesn’t cost anything? i would love to learn more. and i do relate to the suicide thing you mention on the tube. i decided that i’m gonna tough it out no matter what. the ringing is the first thing i hear in the morning and the last thing i hear at night. and i don’t dream anymore, or maybe it’s that the ringing makes me forget them as soon as i wake and hear the ringing. only pain is when i hear the wrong frequency, which is often. i carry earplugs everywhere i go. and i’m a musician and used to have perfect pitch. now it’s hard to know if i’m close to being in tune. i’m concerned that i’m losing my hearing, and don’t want to lose any more of it. and i live in alaska where resources are harder to find. so, if you can help me out, great. if not, i’ll keep on a lookin. thanks for your youtube. it was honestly comforting to just hear what you had to say and know that i’m not alone. i’d love to find a support group online that didn’t cost anything. my family doesn’t reallly get it when i tell them the sound is hurting my ears. they don’t understand how painful it is, and how frustrating to have to keep telling them. even the accidental clinking together of pots and pans is terrible. but you know that already, i imagine. thanks again for what you’re trying to do.