Dear person with tinnitus: How much of your budget is really for you?


If you have tinnitus, I invite you to ask yourself, “how much of your budget is really for you?” If you know know someone who has tinnitus, but don’t have it yourself, I invite you to assess how much of that person’s money goes to him/herself, and how much goes to others. 

There are likely people with tinnitus, who might have “mirrors” or “reflections” of issues with giving and receiving, however, I invite you to contemplate victim and sacrificial patterning along with your treatment of tinnitus or your support of someone with tinnitus. Maybe you have tinnitus, but drive everyone around you into serving you. Maybe you have tinnitus, and you relentlessly serve others without receiving. 

So, that’s why I ask, how much of your budget is really for you?

Budgeting is a “result” of your internal patterning…so I could also ask…how much of your time is really for you?

  • Do these questions speak to you? 
  • In what way?