Cure Tinnitus Show #7

Topics covered

Questions Gathered

  • Taking responsibility for your own health, getting into optimal physical shape, these are all great things Dainis promotes as part of his advice. The critical flaw, imo, is Julian Cowan’s views do not address the issue of permanent ear damage and resulting permanent ringing. Simply getting out of fight-or-flight and relaxing the nervous system in no way mean the ringing will subside. So I don’t understand Julian’s oversight there –save for the fact he is a Cranial Sacral therapist ; ). That said, Dainis’ website is not ill intended or meant to defraud so I thought it worthwhile to call off the witch hunt re that angle
  • Hang in there – technology just might catch up to us – I heard they are trying to recreate the hairs on the cochlea to reverse damage – they are actually trying to do it – can you imagine?
  • Sometimes, you know you are heading into a situation that will almost certainly cause the tinnitus to flare up. How does one approach such situations if they are in fact unavoidable? This is especially poignant if you’ve made some progress and don’t want “to lose” that progress.
  • Abuse and tinnitus: cause effect.

One on one session with Dainis (a few minutes).

Exercise for everyone to practice together: Focusing. The focusing exercise brought out

  • sadness
  • more “busy in head” than in the body
  • how does sadness feel in the body
  • what’s OK right now
  • realization
  • opening
  • facing the sadness as a beautiful garden with good oxygen, which shows connection with subconscious awareness
  • spike in tinnitus
  • space opening
  • self massage
  • taking care of yourself
  • hot facecloth
  • jaw exercise
  • getting appropriate help (better to get help from other people than to go at it alone)
  • can always try letting go
  • you always have a body that gives you information
  • learning about fight or flight, overwhelm, shock, trauma, and learning how to dissolve those states is a very useful life skill.

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