Contacting the Consumer Wellness Center

I thought I would post my message to the Consumer Wellness Center, because there is a bit of a technical issue at their contact form here http://www.consumerwellness.or...ntact.html. This way, I won’t forget to try again to get through to them! 🙂


Dear Mike and the Consumer Wellness Center Board,

I launched a growing membership community at this past December. With about 200 free-subscribers and 12 or so “real” members since then, along with a well-earned strong position in Google for “cure tinnitus,” we are growing in visits, subscribers, members, attention, and responsibility.

There are a lot of things for me to take care of at this stage of the game, not the least of which is ensuring that we survive as an organization. Can the Consumer Wellness Center help in any way? What are the application procedures for grants?

I would be happy to provide guest access to for evaluation purposes. Also, your group may be able to put me in contact with additional practitioners who have successfully treated tinnitus. One of our main missions is to give people with tinnitus the ability to see and hear real success stories. You may also have access to research regarding tinnitus, anxiety, panic, shock, stress, the fight or flight response, etc. that I haven’t uncovered yet.

Looking forward to your response,
Dainis W. Michel