Cure Tinnitus Blog vs. Cure Tinnitus Community

Hi All, 

Here are the main differences between the Cure Tinnitus Blog and the Cure Tinnitus Community. 

Cure Tinnitus Blog 

  • Free to register, can donate, if you like
  • Will include more and more advertising
  • Information free-for-all, not really crafted or monitored extensively
  • Excerpts from interviews and webinars done for the Cure Tinnitus Community
  • Used for technical testing to optimize the Cure Tinnitus Community, so sometimes you’ll see funky things happening!
  • Users can bookmark, share, comment etc. 

Cure Tinnitus Community

  • Membership site with Initial Fee and Monthly Dues 
  • No advertising, instead, you get discounts on tinnitus-related products and services. Some of the discounts are enough to pay for the cost of membership. 
  • Crafted information and community monitored for kindness
  • Health information to help people with tinnitus get on the right track
  • Ongoing addition of videos and interviews
  • Scheduled interactive webinars with tinnitus experts and healing practitioners
  • Initial Package Content in Download area
  • Ask the expert area where you can access top healing practitioners and tinnitus specialists
  • In-depth information for knowledge seekers
  • Compassionate support from a kind community of people with tinnitus
  • Support in dealing with the emotional side of tinnitus
  • Support in dealing with the physical side of tinnitus
  • Cooperation in creating the kind of online community that suits your needs…we will listen to you!
  • Users can comment and participate, but things like bookmarking and sharing aren’t really a part of the site, the site is designed for your benefit exclusively. 
  • Much more!

Best wishes and smiles to you!