Here’s How You Can Promote

Here are a few ways you can promote

  1. Make a testimonial about your experience with the Program
  2. Become an affiliate at and promote our membership programs
  3. Tell family and friends about your experience as a members of the Community
  4. Post in your preferred social media networks about and the help you received
  5. You can even share your complete tinnitus story, however it’s going…
  6. You can interview your doctors or therapists and post the interviews at (we’ll host the audio/video — or link to your interview)
  7. The best way to promote, frankly, is to do the actual work — to follow the 5 Program guidelines in your daily life and relax.

As always, understand that it is OK to have tinnitus at whatever degree of severity it is for you now. Simply take care of yourself properly, and move forward — towards health and well being. While complete remission may seem like it’s a long way away, feeling a bit better, is only a few steps away.