wow i did not know we had these heartfelt responses to our active empathy questionnaire

i just took a peek at the responses in the DB section of the back end of the website — and i found a good number of really heartfelt responses on our active empathy questionnaire.

thank you for your responses, and i hope to have provided some helpful & soothing information in the YouTube video below…

i’ve made the video and this post completely public, so please note that your responses to this particular post are also public. member content is private and for members only. however, if you would like your identity to be private, then please use a pseudonym as your profile name. email addresses are never revealed, and should anyone access or use our email list without permission, then a criminal act is being perpetrated. perpetrators agree to provide us their names and contact information to be able to face criminal charges and prosecution. a straight-forward example of permission-based access to our email list is that our technical service providers do have access, because they need to make sure that emails get sent out to our subscribers 🙂


    1. curetinnitus

      it’s an individual process. a man i met at a seminar had his tinnitus disappear while he was doing a taoist healing exercise at the moment when he finally mourned the loss of his mother. how can we put a price tag on that?

      we had a site member go into spontaneous remission while reading one of Julian’s articles. another member wrote to us after 3 years. individual processes with varying costs…

      can you apply all of the Program guidelines in your life with little to no cost? well…that’s possible too.

      we have some good information about tinnitus and money and self-care here. the search feature isn’t quite working as it should at the moment, and we have a tech crew working on it — but the issues of tinnitus and money and self care really do come up quite frequently.