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Due to a technical glitch, all information is currently public for a short time. The teams at and are doing a phenomenal job of tracking down a technical glitch that brought the Membership Community website down for a number of days.

For now, even the site design is a bit different, but that’s because the correct design is causing errors.

Another issue was a hacking job done on another one of my websites,, and the same “user” had access to After setting a trap for the hacker, the Dreamhost team helped me rebuild, and we will likely “close” the hacker trap very soon and we will either have helped stopped online crime or at least protected ourselves from it.

The damage is under control…and now it’s Wishlist Member’s turn to figure out why their software isn’t functioning at anymore. Once they figure that out, we will go back to our membership model where guests can “get to know us,” and members can access the online community and continue to grow in their healing process.

I don’t know how long this technical glitch will be necessary, but it gives members the opportunity to access the community as usual, and it gives everyone the chance to thoroughly look behind the scenes at to see what we are all about.

All of the Cure Tinnitus Shows are currently available for public viewing.
All of the Tinnitus Support videos are currently available for public viewing.
The Recently Acquired Tinnitus Program is available for public viewing.
The Tinnitus to Liberation Program is available for public viewing.
Our special interviews are available for public viewing.

If you have a friend you’ve been wanting to refer to, now is the time to do it. Also, if anyone has been skeptical about our work, our programs, or our intentions…now is your chance to check us out…IN DEPTH.

We are here for you to see what we are about, and when the tech glitch is resolved, we will go back to our membership model. If you are not a member and benefit from the information, you are invited and urged to join and pay for the expertise gathered together at Learning to be fair to others goes a long way when you are learning to be fair to yourself, and a lot of people with tinnitus aren’t exactly in situations where they can be “fair” or even “good” to themselves.

This hacking situation and the resulting technical glitches have been expensive and time consuming for Your membership, donations, and honest feedback are most welcome at this time.

You can join by clicking here:

And you can donate here:

Dainis W. Michel


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