Why cure tinnitus when you can cure everything else?


With going to a doctor and saying “I have tinnitus” generally causing the response “too bad for you, what time is it, I have to go to lunch, that’s a complicated disease, there’s no cure, you have to live with it, now I really have to go.”

Why not try the following strategy:

Cure everything else you have. 

  1. List every disease or condition you have.
  2. List everything you’re happy and unhappy about in your life. 
  3. Cure all of your diseases and conditions
  4. Bring yourself into a state of happiness with your life. 

For example, I had allergies before I came down with tinnitus. Now I don’t have allergies anymore. I had some kind of pre liver condition. Now I don’t anymore. I still have muscular-skeletal issues to work out…so I’m doing that. 

No use crying over my tinnitus, if I still have other conditions to work on…know what I mean?


PS: Of course, the goal is: once all of the underlying conditions are taken care of, the tinnitus will be gone. It’s working so far.