David Meyerson Exclusive Interview for CureTinnitus.org

David Meyerson, author of “The Truth About Tinnitus Treatment,” developer of the special technologies at http://www.tinnitusmasker.com/..., and former tinnitus “sufferer” shares his story of survival and transformation with the CureTinnitus.org community. Good for David. Thanks for being an inspiration!

David studied medicine for a while, moved on and finished in immunology (diabetes arthritis viral diseases), then went on to consulting and marketing, and didn’t go down the medical route until tinnitus hit.

He gives us all hope and offers products that he would love your feedback on. The interview is available for members below.

[private_Module 1] [podcast]https://curetinnitus.s3.amazonaws.com/david-meyerson-interview.mp3[/podcast] [/private_Module 1]