ToDo List

    1. DONE (29. December 2017) Fix apostrophe in display
    2. IN PROGRESS Make large 3 item top menu bar (Progress 2017-12m-29d: sent in support ticket to BuddyBoss)
      1. improve the site navigation so it makes more sense
      2. Check/Fix registration and login links
      3. 2017-12m-30d: added hard-coded ubermenu
      4. 2018-01m-03d Note: improve site navigation as per point 2.1
    3. improve look of join_options table in join_options shortcode
      1. IN PROGRESS — 2018-01m-03d Note: might be good enough for now….
    4. Add TOS to registration
      1. DONE (2018-01m-02d)
    5. Go through each menu item and see if the content and content flow make sense
    6. Fix the content here: and on other pages to reflect the based or donation based or guided support based membership options
    7. What is — a living book with many contributors, coordinated by Dainis W. Michel
      1. why are we not a not-for-profit yet? cuz my time and attention were elsewhere, and i’m not confident that an NGO is really the best structure for the site.
    8. Find and fix broken links in comments and the rest of the site:
      3. Check these links and fix — from comment Do your part to promote the availability of scientifically sound, loving, kind, honest, and life-saving information online by commenting at one or all the following locations: YouTube, FaceBook,, Google.
    9. Fix content here:
    10. Add Join table and TOS here:
    11. Also, figure out a way for ppl to subscribe to the RAT course
    12. Run a campaign to find therapists who would like to offer pay-by-the-minute online tinnitus support
      1. Add a few sample profiles to the Guided Support page
      2. integrate guided support use with membership content
    13. Click through the join process for this content:
      2. Contact Julian to discuss
    14. Once things are running, contact “the old” friends/therapists/authors I worked with or interviewed along the way. Say hi, see how they’re doing…
      1. Contact Jen, Eduard, Paul, Dr. Greuel…
    15. Get the autoresponder/newsletter working again
      2. recover the 200+ positive tinnitus support emails i used to send (they are in a word doc)
      3. choose new emailing system
      4. input a year’s worth of tinnitus tips into the new email system
      5. So basically it goes: newsletter registration starts with the 7day (or maybe 15-day) crash course — and then moves into a daily tips email situation
      6. Aha — it’s this:
      7. OK, so it’s consolidate the 7-day and 15-day “courses” — so i’d say use the 7-day crash course, then say the newsletter is automatic and turns into daily tinnitus remission tips via email.
    16. The site-wide activity stream page lost its privacy settings — fix that
    17. Click through member content menu — maybe remove it from the home page and only place a member content menu within the menu area. See how “guest” access works in each menu item. It should be moving visitors through registration process.
    18. Find better adz to use in the plugin
    19. Start using the term “tinnitus remission.”
    20. Get credit for naming “Recently Acquired Tinnitus”
    21. Check out the downloads page
      2. Remove Julian’s book from there…discuss with J
      3. add ocean waves, music, other files
    22. Add a review category for products, clinics, books, services, therapists, coaches, etc.  (via plugin?)
    23. Maybe make public questions available again?
      1. Donate to ask public question?
    24. Cure Tinnitus Shows, then News, then General Tinnitus information as a menu item is pretty poorly organized.
      1. Fix the menu structure
    25. Look at the support menu item and figure out what to do there
      1. We don’t have “affiliates” anymore because we don’t sell anything directly anymore. Is that really the best decision?
    26. Fix Home Page from top to bottom
      1. Slider — check that each slider goes somewhere that makes sense
      2. Cure Tinnitus Quiz — finish making the quiz. Get the questions from my notes and put them into the leardash quiz tool. Also gather the email addresses so we can respond to people who have filled out the quiz. Maybe give it a better name than quiz. Questionnaire. Introspection. Empathy…
      3. Free Chapters was the stock theme heading — fix “Free Chapters” “Featured Students” and “Featured Instructors” and either replace, edit/update, or remove
      4. Add the correct numbers in the Courses Students teachers courses completed text box
      5. Use the correct sign_ups shortcode on the home page
      6. Maybe improve the look of the blog roll a bit
    27. Check the footer
    28. Check the chat functionality
    29. Don’t add call me functionality — maybe leave a voice message — but not calls for now
      1. unpaid phone support was really challenging…
    30. Consider funding drive, not-for-profit status, funding sources
    31. Assess how many hours the necessary site improvements will take and plan those hours in…
    32. 2018-01m-03d: create an account page or a profile page for members to subscribe/add/remove all of their available options
      1. Learndash RAT course – set notifications
    33. 2018-01m-03d: Looks like registrationmagic does not work with learndash & woocommerce memberships & mailster all at once…figure out a solution
    34. check 2018 webdev bookmarks folder
    35. asdf



  1. curetinnitus Post author

    So we have the following registrations:

    * courses (RAT and T2L)
    * the newsletter
    * member levels (adz, self-paced, guided)
    * provider (instructor)

    —check “my account” page for unnecessary registration area