Module 1 Guide

Basics – Okay so you have tinnitus. Now what?

This is a brief outline of what to do during the first month?

Don’t worry.

Tinnitus is not a permanent illness that you will have for the rest of your life. This symptom depends on staying stuck in a state of red alert or fight or flight.

What you need is to come out of red-alert mode. The more you come out of this state of fight or flight, the harder it will be for tinnitus to stay in your awareness. The more you let go the easier it becomes to let go and you find your path on the right track towards well-being.

So, in the first month you need to start setting up the right conditions that will help you learn to switch off and let go. Here is a list of guidelines that will become essential tools for you to let go:

Support Network

Set up a support network. Its hard to let go into nothing, but when you have people around you that understand what is going on then you can start to unpack what you are carrying inside and unwind.