Cure Tinnitus Show #14

Dear Community,

The 14th Cure Tinnitus Show took place on Monday, Nov 23d, 2009 at 2PM GMT (London Time). Your questions, comments, input, and suggestions for topics helped guide us to a settling and helpful show. Thank you!

Julian and Dainis

Discussion included: Sometimes, you hear of a person who has some sort of break-through moment, and the tinnitus vanishes as quickly as it came. It is hard not to seek such a “moment.” However, from reading Julian’s book, it strikes me, that this is frequently not how things happen (in fact, I remember him saying that often while one is processing his or her issues that the tinnitus might even get or seem worse as we confront ourselves, even in our “negative” aspects. And I wonder if there can be some danger …

Here is a YouTube excerpt for folks just getting to know us, the archived show is available for members below…

Archived Show And Download Link