Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend by Julian Cowan Hill


I wish to thank all the tinnitus people I have worked with for providing a constant challenge and a source of inspiration. You have taught me what helps let go of tinnitus, and also what is not helpful. Now I can share this experience with others.

I would also like to thank the Craniosacral Therapy and Core Process Psychotherapy community for teaching me how to be well and let go at a deep level. It is your support, education and deep sensitivity that has opened up a whole new world of well-being for me where tinnitus cannot survive.

Finally, thank you Mario Petrucci, Biggles and Frank Steffenhagen for your keen writer’s eye, encouragement and help with editing.


Well-Being Matrix For Tinintus

Chapter 1
Establishing the Ground
Core Issue 1    Negative People
What is tinnitus?
Core Issue 2    Tinnitus is not an ear based problem

Chapter 2
What are tinnitus people like?
Core Issue 3    Silence
Core Issue 4    Stop trying to cure your tinnitus
Core Issue 5    Are you ready to change

Chapter 3
How to make progress
Core Issue 6    Moaning and groaning
Core Issue 7    Avoiding doom and gloom
Core Issue 8    Don’t let vampires sap your energy
Core Issue 9    Letting go into support
Core Issue 10    Diet
Core Issue 11    Exercise
Core Issue 12    Getting in touch with your body

Chapter 4
Charting your progress

Level 1 Stuck
Technique 1    Crisis Calmer

Level 2 Struggling
Technique 2    Clenching and relaxing

Level 3 Resigned
Technique 3    Better and worst list

Level 4 Motivated
Technique 4    Knowing what matters to you
Technique 5    How do you view yourself?
Technique 6    Running commentary

Level 5 Letting Go
Technique 7    Audiovisualisation

Level 6 Empowered
Technique 8    Breathing technique

Level 7 Liberated
Technique 9    Orienting to midline