Wow, you really gotta check this page out! :-)

Really happy to show this page to you!

Wow, it took a lot.

A lot of

  • time
  • effort
  • money
  • care

But please go check out this page:

You can manage your whole profile there. You’ll see, I’ve made a lot of progress reconfiguring the site with “courses,” and eventually, we just might see more courses appear, made by the latest tinnitus remission advocates and therapists 🙂

The donation tool is completely new. Phew! That took A LOT of research.

For now, when you donate, you gain adz-free access to the website. If you cannot or do not wish to donate at this time, you can gain access by registering for our based membership level, which just serves adz every few minutes. I do hope you’ll buy something from one of those adz sometime! Also, please make suggestions for what we can promote in our adz.

Best wishes and wow that was a lot of work!

From my end, personally, I am planning on rejuvenating and then taking a break from the whole “tinnitus buzzy” sometimes very angry and aggressive scene. We will be approaching therapists for our pay-as-you go online sessions, and I am going to get our old autoresponder going (it has a lot of excellent “Tinnitus Tips”).

…I won’t be “forgetting” about, but I will be launching a Bible Study website along with an online music school, and a few other projects.

Best to you and yours and HAPPY NEW YEAR!