How Many Members Do We Have Right Now?

A member just asked, and we are completely transparent here at

that shows how many have come through. We have about 100 unique visits per day, 600 free subscribers, and right, now, we have between 30 and 40 paying members.

it makes it more of a “break even” kind of organization…things will and would be much easier, if we had 500 members…but we don’t right now…

we’re #1 in google for cure tinnitus, and #4 for just “tinnitus,” and people who say I’m raking in the bucks off of other peoples’ pain are so deeply clueless it’s not even funny. frankly, with the server, programming, and other fees, just paying Julian has often been a struggle.

“Tinnitus” is not showing itself, currently, to be a real “market.” It has contains aggressive, angry, impoverished, overwhelmed, and often extreme people. At one point using Google Analysis tools, I found out that people with tinnitus are essentially either rich or broke. does that surprise you? it does not surprise me.

Also, I have received quite a few desperate emails from people on the brink of taking their own lives. Should anyone be in that position, please consider calling a crisis line. That’s what they are there for. Statistics show that when people enter a suicidal state, it’s often just a matter of getting over a “hump,” and then the people go on to live normal lives. Still, I am personally not trained in suicide prevention, and the length, personal nature, and deep depression of some of these letters has sometimes left me concerned and sleepless. I now have a bit of a structure built in, where such depression is intended to be brought to appropriate crisis lines and professionals. I’ve had many emails of gratitude and joy…and as a non-therapist founder…as the coordinator of this site…I feel we have a sound, loving, heartfelt, and effective community here…

However, much of my work here is currently unpaid, and quite spiritually strenuous. Not the least of which is dealing with the rage of people I’ve come to call “Tinnitus Forum Tyrants,” who might just be “Human Embodiments of Tinnitus That SPREAD Tinnitus.”

There is a part of me that does not currently feel justly compensated for the work we are doing here…which means that every email of gratitude or voluntary donation (or members who purchase two memberships and just leave it like that in gratitude)…those things really fuel our organization and are incredibly helpful.

…as small as we are now, we are making a huge impact.

That is clear. We’re starting to be reviewed be the national tinnitus associations around the world, and eventually, we will rightfully take our place among them. I feel strongly that we deserve AT LEAST as much money in grants and donations as the American Tinnitus Association, mostly because of my approach of studying what works, what has worked for others, what heals, what helps, and NOT studying disease, pain, symptoms, etc.

That is a unique approach (oddly enough), as logical, functional, and scientifically sound as it is.