Any Ideas On Tinnitus? Remedies or Treatments?

Okay, I’ve done some research and have asked a few people but I want to know if you guys have any advice on this.

Do you know of any ways to keep tinnitus in check?

So far, I know if you drink alcohol, it doesn’t bother you, valium is the same, and I smoke weed.
I have also heard Dramamine works.
So any other ideas?
Please help.

By the way, I’ve asked a doctor friend of mine and he said that mairijuana does help by calming your nerves.
So all you anti-marijuana people, I have a doctor telling me its okay so stop saying it is not.
You do not have a diploma from a recognized medical school.
There is no actual proven fact that marijuana smoke is addictive.
Plus, it is legal for medicinal purposes in many states. So it is not illegal.

You need to find out why you have the tinnitus. You could have a benign tumor in your inner ear canal, it’s called an accoustic neuroma. It can become very bothersome because the ringing get’s so loud and eventually your face starts to feel numb. You just need to have an MRI of your brain. Make sure they order it as a Brain IAC (which means internal auditory canal) so it includes pictures of the area in questions. Don’t go to an open MRI because the picture quality won’t be clear enough to detect these abnormalities.
As for the pot, well, I’m sure it does help, I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but still, you need to get to the answer of why you have the problem in the first place. Good luck.

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