Tinnitus Tip: Setting up a support network that you can "let go" into

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How’s it going with your tinnitus? Does it bother you or cause you stress? Does is act up according to factors that you can track (whenever you talk to so and so, when you go to the job you don’t like, when you try to resolve issue X, etc.)? Do you notice when it’s better and when it’s worse?

Do you have a support network that helps you relax and heal, or does your life stress you out? Specifically, have you built up a network that causes you to focus on suffering, or do you have friends, partners, doctors, therapists, and healing practitioners around you that help you be happy and let go?

Here is a quick excerpt from Julian Cowan Hill’s eBook Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend, How to let go of Ringing in your ears (which is a part of the CureTinnitus Community Initial Package):

Core Issue 9: Letting go into support.

If tinnitus is all about letting go, then you need to build up a support network around you to let go into. You can’t let go into nothing. It is so much harder to let go by yourself. Once you find the right kind of support, then you can start to let go in earnest. This is a process which takes time, and slowly, important changes start to take place. To put it another way, all the important changes tend to happen slowly over a period of time. Quick fixes bring short-term relief, which is great, but nonetheless, are still short-term.

Building a real support network around you is essential for your good health. A wonderful part of such a network is joining the Community Online.

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