Cure Tinnitus Show #8

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Discussion of the From Tinnitus to Liberation eCourse: 7 Levels. 

  1. Finding Hope
  2. Easing Struggle
  3. Accepting Your Role in Tinnitus
  4. Putting Your Motivation to Work
  5. Letting go
  6. Gaining Power Over Tinnitus
  7. Liberation
  8. Graduate

RAT – Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival eCourse.

Hello Dainis – Thanks for the time on the phone this morning. It is not coincidence that I saw your earlier e-mail I received this am, right at the time I realized my tinnitus was gone. Evidently, the Universe meant for you to hear that. I was inspired to take the more holistic approach due to your website and the page I read when I got the tinnitus out of the blue in mid-May. That page is entitled, “Look after yourself properly and your tinnitus will take care of itself.” Reading this page over and over was very helpful for me for the first few days. It motivated me to take a hollistic approach, get a good diet, better approach to life, etc. Now, as I talked to my friend Maureen Higgins, who is an incredible holistic psycho-therapist in Minneapolis – see She said the tinnitus was, and she was clear, a sign that the Universe was giving me that I had to change something. In this sense, she said it is a good thing – helping you out – not to be afraid of, but to embrace. So, I explored a bit. I noticed that the first time my ears had an issue was May 2008, exactly one year ago, where a little tinnitus was there – but mainly a middle ear infection noticed after flying. Then again in Oct. 2008 after the flu. But I noticed both of these things had two things in common – stress, plus I was giving a lecture in my field of mathematics that I havn’t lectured on for many years after switching to another field. So, I was very nervous and it brought up issues of my being not smart as I was told from my mother when i was very young. She also felt the wrold was dangerous. That put me on a path of being very very competitive and wanting to be #1 in my field. Well, I accomplished that – see, but lately it has gotten very stressful to do my work in such a driven fashion. So, I decided to make a new approach to my work – adopting the approach that the world is wonderful, I am taken care of, and I should work in a more fun fashion, and be more easy. This will take work, but the realization of this was made a day ago. After I made it, the next day, the tinnitus was essentially gone. She said that this is how it works, you have to peel away the layers of deep issues you don’t necessarily see. She said a lot more, and you may want to talk to her. She definitely did wonders for me. For me, the tinnitus resolution seems to consist of dealing with: major stress, life changes as described, eg, diet. I believe Maureen Higgins offers something that may benefit you and many others.

It is a strange time in my life right now: I will be moving from DC to the NYC area — having just moved from Italy back in DC in January — am starting a new job, and am trying to work through the complexities of a trans-continental relationship — not exactly the best scenario to relax and get my system out of red-altert! But I’m doing my best!

(All wounding happens in relationship)

What happens if the onset incident of my tinnitus is surgery?

A retired police officer 70 years old, tinnitus for decades. Deafness as a result of the gunshot? Any hope for people like this? Bombs, innocent victims, combat, war, etc.

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