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Dear [firstname],

Welcome to your exclusive Tinnitus Liberation Guided Support Coaching Program. This is our most interactive coaching package, and you can ask your most pressing questions about tinnitus any time. As you get better, the nature of your questions will change, and as a guided support member, we are always here for you. We will make videos for you, should you ask questions we have not covered before. We will help you every step of the way.

Here are some friendly “bonus” items:

  • Bonus 1: The Fight or Flight Questionnaire! This 43-question fight or flight questionnaire awakens you to your state of well-being and your own sabateur, which helps you on your path of liberation from tinnitus.
  • Bonus 2: Tinnitus-soothing well-being video with expert Julian Cowan Hill (who healed himself of tinnitus). This 6 minute, 51 second settling video gets right to the point and explains what the opposite of tinnitus is, and how that can help you right now.
  • Bonus 3: Ocean Waves Serenity Audio. 10 minutes and 17 seconds of authentic Australian ocean waves. Very soothing. As a professional composer and musician, I often felt irritated by the sounds of various tinnitus soothing audio products, so I created this audio for myself and I use it sometimes for sleeping, sometimes for work or meditation, or just to create a calm environment in the room I’m in. Really relaxes my 3-year old daughter too! 🙂
  • Bonus 4: Cure Tinnitus Show #5 which starts off with possibly the most difficult and confrontational tinnitus question ever asked. Complete with a written transcript of the entire 1 hour and 3 minute show!
  • Bonus 5: 25 minute and 22 second video called “Do This Now!” from our Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival eCourse. Regardless of how long you’ve had tinnitus, this video cuts right to the chase and lets you know what can help you right now.
  • Bonus 6: Exclusive interview with Kevin Hogan, author of “The Tinnitus Reduction Program.” 23 minutes and 16 seconds in which Kevin Hogan answers “Do you think it’s ethical to say that tinnitus is incurable?” along with a host of other questions. Kevin, BTW, is a former sufferer of tinnitus.
  • Bonus 7: Exclusive interview with Paul Tobey, author of “Tinnitus Free Living.” Presenting a powerful philosophical approach. This one hour and eight minute long video interview is not for the weak-kneed, and there are a few foul words here and there. Paul is a tinnitus survivor who considers himself completely healed and is deeply grateful for having had tinnitus.

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Start here in Module 1


Regarding the 7-month training program…the course appears “magically” as you move forward. The idea is for you to read Julian’s eBook now, and for you to begin contemplating how you relate to the CureTinnitus.org 4 guidelines presented here:

Cure Tinnitus Show #24

along with orienting to the “Well Being Matrix for Tinnitus” from Julian’s book.

Now, I personally find the site tough to navigate right now. There are starts of programs that few people participated in, and so I concentrated on where the members were doing their work. Then, I really didn’t do the housekeeping.

The site is a continuous work in progress, and with you in guided support now, your questions will help me codify a clearer path.

However, the state of “exploration” is not that bad…because just digesting Julian’s eBook is, well, at least for me, it was monumental. It took me months to get through a 100-page eBook. Months. I’m absolutely not kidding about that.

So, as you relate to the 4 guidelines and the “Well Being Matrix For Tinnitus,” what will happen is that you will develop a personal therapy plan, a map that works for you. You can monitor your progress with the well being matrix, and basically, if you slip and have all the 4 guidelines in place, then it’s time to reach out for additional help (or just support and compassion while you are going through your process).

Since you are in guided support, I am here to first off, give you options, secondly, when I understand your situation better, I can point you to articles and videos or audios that specifically relate to where you are at.

For example, with 24 Cure Tinnitus Shows (which are a great alternative to TV), and however many special interviews, and now Jen Battaglino on board to do a half-year’s worth of tinnitus relief consulting with us…there’s just SO MUCH at the site…and the audios and vids are not yet transcribed. Just not possible right now…but transcriptions are planned.

The reason for the transcriptions is that, for example sometimes it’s tough to fall asleep…or wake up…or face particular parts of the day…with tinnitus. And we’ve covered those scenarios somewhere in either an interview or on a Cure Tinnitus Show…and well…I can do a pretty good job of helping you find an appropriate answer to your questions.

And with guided support, if we can’t find an answer for you, then Julian and I, or Jen and I, we make a special video for your specific situation and answer your questions. However, to help people who follow you, we make that video available to the community (since we can just talk about the situation and not use names, etc.).

I hope I’ve explained our program and answered your questions. If you find anything “wrong” with the site or needing improvement — just let me know — honestly — just ask. I ask you to keep a positive orientation and propose solutions along with pointing out problems, but I am very happy to hear your feedback regardless of whether it is “positive” or “negative.” However, the “orientation,” meaning the “direction” here is positive. That means, we orient to health, healing and well being here.

For me, it’s important to ask you to settle in and cozy up to Julian’s eBook, to consider the 4 guidelines, to let me know your situation, your “tinnitus story” so to speak, to let it all hang out…to have you search around the site and find stuff like:


Interview with Jennifer Battaglino (LCSW, CHT) Tinnitus Therapist

Special Interview with Paul Tobey

…and just cozy up to this evolving work in progress that is our community and your well being and well…everything that brought you “into” tinnitus…and now…finding what helps you “get out” from it.

The words Julian, Jen, Kevin, Paul, etc., and I choose…these are also worth examining…why do we tend to say “heal” instead of “cure?” Why do we say “lift the fog?”

You might also try:

Fight or Flight Questionnaire

Why do we say “well being is the opposite of tinnitus?”
Why do we say “find what works for you, find what helps you, we are not here to cure you, we are here to help you along on a well-trodden path of healing?”

We had someone’s tinnitus disappear at 2AM after reading this:

Look after yourself properly and your tinnitus will take care of itself.

But then, the person continued a bunch of bad habits…and as awesome as AHA moments are…well…we have the 4 Guidelines, and they are important.

I really do hope this post helps, and I am here to help guide your process. Let me know which information works best for you and whether I’ve answered your questions…

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