Intro Video for old Members of

Do you still have tinnitus? Because a few years ago, you registered at my old forum at

Guess what?

We’re back!

I wanted to write to you and let you know how much I enjoyed that forum and how much I appreciate your participation there. It was very sad for me to need to take the forum down due to spam and hacker attacks.
To honor all people with tinnitus, regardless of financial status or geographic location, I have created an experimental “conscious commerce” voluntary donation model so anyone can access the information at

Here is a short list of planned member benefits:

  • Health info that will put people with tinnitus on the right track
  • Ongoing addition of helpful videos and interviews
  • Ask the expert area where you can access top healing practitioners and tinnitus specialists
  • In depth tinnitus information for knowledge seekers
  • Interviews with Health Professionals
  • Compasssionate support from a kind community of people with tinnitus
  • Dealing with the emotional side of tinnitus
  • Discounts on Tinnitus-related eProducts (affiliate fees waived)
  • Discounts on Coaching Packages provided by Health Practitioners
  • Health-tracking tools
  • And much more!

Some of the benefits are already available, even though we’ve only been online for a few days.

Here’s the YouTube video that I made specifically for you, my “long lost” subscriber.

To become a member, you need to meet three requirements:

  1. You take 100% responsibility for your own health
  2. You are attracted or committed to the idea of curing yourself of tinnitus, instead of “being cured” by someone else
  3. You accept the Disclaimer

Our time window for getting up and running may be short, and the site, without significant financial support, may not survive. Nevertheless, we are moving forward with the voluntary donation model, and now, it is up to you.

If you are still suffering with tinnitus, as a subscriber, you can already access my four-part video series called: “Tinnitus Treasure: Why Tinnitus is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You…But Now What?” Does that appeal to you? Here’s the link:
Information on how to register is here:, and the direct registration link is here:

The critical step I’m inviting you to take, is to register. There’s no obligation, donate what you like, learn as much as you can, and leave whenever you want.

Best wishes to you and here’s to our optimal, vibrant, and joyous health!

Dainis W. Michel