Scientific Review of The American Tinnitus Association’s Roadmap to a Cure With Suggestions For Improvement

If you visit, you’ll find their suggested roadmap to a cure for tinnitus.

2013 Update new link:

The roadmap is a good start, and upon close review, could benefit from particular adjustments. If you go over the roadmap, can you see how it presents underlying assumptions that may or may not be true, which can therefore lead to potentially false conclusions?

We are curious about your feedback. Can you find logical inconsistencies in the ATA’s roadmap and make additional suggestions? We are here to support the ATA in their mission of curing tinnitus — which naturally means revealing logical and scientific inaccuracies in their process. We are not implying that “none” of the ATA’s information is accurate — we are simply offering a scientific review with suggestions for consideration.

July 10th, 2009 update: Check out this graphic to see the current Review of the ATA’s Roadmap to a Cure: Comments on the ATA's Roadmap to a Cure for Tinnitus

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The date of the graphical review above is around 2008-2009. We will make an effort to provide an updated review.