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It is my heartfelt wish that you learn how to let go of your tinnitus and feel much happier as a result. Although I cannot guarantee how long it will take or how much you will improve, if you follow these guidelines I have no doubt you will notice a difference. Please note that this book applies equally to people with Meniere’s Disease.

In the first four chapters I explain the basics: what tinnitus is, why we get it and how to let go of this condition. Out of thousands of hours work I have condensed down what I consider to be 12 of the most important “Core Issues” that will help you on your journey to recovery. They are numbered in the index for easy reference.

Once these foundations are in place we move into the main part of the book where I chart the landmarks of progress you make as your tinnitus gets better. Level 1 is for people with the worst kind of tinnitus, and is called “Stuck.” Level 7, at the top of the matrix is for those who have let go of tinnitus completely, and is called “Liberated.” Reading through these levels, please get a sense of where you would place yourself. This will help you get a sense of what you need to focus on in order to get better.

When we first get tinnitus it often treats us like a tyrant. At Level 1 I show you how to stop it taking over your thought processes and find some space. As you make progress, you learn to accept symptoms more easily and start to realise that tinnitus is actually an incredibly useful healthometre that shows what works for you and what does not, behaving a bit like a doctor. Many people once they get up to Level 4 feel they have made enough progress and their tinnitus is good enough not to bother working on any more. That’s great, however, some people realise how useful tinnitus can be and learn to listen to their bodily reactions deeply and go on to develop a deep sense of well-being and awareness that can benefit them for years to come, making a full recovery.

No matter how far you want to go on this journey, you will find a lot of practical advice in this book, so I suggest you read it through once, and then start again, working your way through the practice techniques thoroughly. Hopefully, by time you get to the end of this book you will have a clear sense of what really helps tinnitus, and up to what level you would like to work.

Disclaimer: please note that just reading this book alone is not likely to stop your tinnitus. You will probably feel less threatened by symptoms once you understand where they come from and why they are there. However, if you want to make good progress I encourage you to follow the advice, practise the techniques regularly, and most importantly of all, get therapeutic support. If you do this, there is every chance your tinnitus will get much better. Merely understanding how tinnitus works will help, but if you want to make a full recovery, please take my advice: get support and practice the techniques.

I have created a Well-being Matrix for Tinnitus © which is a chart that maps out the progress people make as they get better. The entire book is based on this Matrix set out on the next page. This will help you recognise where you are on the path of progress and where you will need to focus your energy. My aim with this chart is to show you that many people do get better and that it is a well-trodden path that you too can follow.

I am available to offer support at my clinic in London. I can check through some of the techniques in detail with you to make sure you know what to do, and can also find a suitable practitioner near you, so that you can set out on a course of therapy that will help let go of your tinnitus.

In the meantime, I wish you well on what is in fact a voyage of self-discovery. These days I am extremely grateful for my own tinnitus for showing me how to be really well and happy in myself. I would like to share this process with you. My aim is for you to learn how to turn tinnitus into your very own healthometre and guide, leading you to a much deeper sense of well-being.

I have learnt that peace is an experience that we feel through the body. In this light, I wish you peace.

Julian Cowan Hill R.C.S.T.