Cure Tinnitus Show #6

  • What helps and what aggravates tinnitus?
  • I visited the tinnitus clinic at the University of Maryland; they recommend various modes of sound-therapy-based habituation programs — whether it be with a hearing aid, a noise generator, neuromonics (a fancy sound therapy that utilizes classical music and tailored sound therapy.) These therapies seem interesting but are very expensive. Are they consistent with the general approach by Julian Cowan Hill and Dr. Greuel?
  • Are there any negative consequences (beyond those to one’s finances!) in pursuing such therapies? How does one break out of the “checking” phase? The internal scenario I’m thinking of is somthing like this: “I’ve been trying to implement relaxation, refocus, and body-based therapies for a month or so and my tinnitus hasn’t really backed off much…” Then mild panic can begin to creep in: “Maybe this isn’t going to work… blah blah blah.” Which, of course, refocuses attention to the tinnitus and becomes something off a self-fulfilling prophecy. How does one just let go!?
  • My situation is bit more complicated because I have pulsatile tinnitus. Some say that this more frequently has some sort of “structural” component. My CAT scan did show that some little bone separating an artery from my ear was a good bit thinner on the side where I have pulsatile tinnitus. Thus, the ENT said if nothing else worked they could try to artifically thicken that bone. Scary stuff! Yet, I’m sure the bone was that way well before I had pulsatile tinnitus. And there have been brief periods where it has receded — I’m sure this is not due to the bone magically thickening. So the question: can the methods espoused up to this point on the Tinnitus Show work for pulsatile tinnitus where there might be a physiological component? (I should add that the ENT did not think that the bone thickness was likely the root cause.)
  • Hello,  Thank you for your response, however I am as aware as you are that there is no cure and probably will not be a cure in the forseable future. I’ve been to Dr Shulman and j. Bataglino.  I realize now that paying attention to T is the wrong direction. Waiting and hoping and looking for a cure is putting your life on hold. Ignore it and live as if it was not there. That is the way to go. I think I realize that this is the opposite of what you are all about. I tried vitamins, drugs, biofeedback, sometimes I think about suicide as the only real cure, Please help me.
  • What are some daily practical things that can be done to take one out of fight or flight, something that each day one can do to focus oneself. (Discussion of “running commentary” technique).

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